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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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  • Obama Fires Back At McCain
    A day after John McCain spoke to the group, Barack Obama addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Orlando, Fla. He told McCain to stop questioning his patriotism and character, and he hit the Arizona senator on his support for Iraq and Pakistan.
  • McCain, Obama Use Olympic Ads To Highlight Image
    Barack Obama and John McCain are running campaign ads during the Olympics. Evan Tracey, president of Campaign Media Analysis Group, says Obama is highlighting his image as a different kind of politician. McCain is using the games as a stage to attract new voters.
  • In Pakistan, Musharraf Exit Puts Focus On Judges
    The departure of Pervez Musharraf as president of Pakistan has thrown light on one of the major issues that forced him to resign: the judiciary. Many are asking whether the government will reinstate dozens of senior judges sacked by Musharraf.
  • Quiz Show Scandals Changed U.S TV
    Sixty years ago, a string of scandals emerged around "fixed" TV quiz shows. When the popular program Dotto was suddenly pulled from the air, answers were difficult to come by. The scandals changed the business of television in the U.S.
  • Iraq Seeks U.S. Apology For Last Fall's Raid
    Last fall, U.S. troops raided the Iraqi village of Jaisani, south of Baghdad; 26 people were killed. The U.S. called them "criminals." Now, the Iraqi government says those killed are "martyrs" and has asked the U.S. military command to apologize.
  • 'All My Children' Seeks Iraq War Vet
    It's a move that might be inspired by the Oscar-winning movie The Best Years of Our Lives. The popular daytime soap opera All My Children is looking for an Iraq war veteran to play the role of a, well, Iraq war veteran.
  • Entrepreneurs Transform Chicago Schools
    The Chicago public schools were once considered the worst urban school system in America. Now, they are perhaps the nation's biggest laboratory for school reform. The city has turned over large parts of the system to groups of education entrepreneurs.
  • Classical Music Is Houston's Best-Kept Secret
    Education and musicians in residence fuel a robust contemporary classical scene in the Texas city. It's supported by the success of the Houston Symphony and local public radio, which has helped build an open-minded audience for music that's both cerebral and fun.
  • Georgians: Russian Troops Remain To Show Power
    Russia says it's starting to pull troops from Georgia, but there is little evidence so far of any significant withdrawal. Many Georgians believe Russia's occupation is aimed at destroying the country's infrastructure.
  • NATO: 'No Business As Usual' With Russia
    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with NATO allies Tuesday to take action against Russia for ignoring the cease-fire with Georgia. The group suspended formal diplomatic contact with Russia for the time being.

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