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Monday, August 16, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Minneapolis Mayor R.T. RybakRybak proposes no spending cuts, 6.5% tax hike
    Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak announced Monday he will not ask city departments to cut their budgets next year. He is asking for a 6.5 percent property tax increase, which will largely cover the city's obligation to pay into two closed retirement funds.5:20 p.m.
  • WalleyeStudy: Walleye reproduction not affected by Miss. River chemicals
    A new study finds walleye in the Mississippi River are consistently exposed to emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals. But the chemicals are apparently not affecting the reproductive systems of the state's iconic sport fish.5:24 p.m.
  • Dayton calls for less aggressive 'trackers'
    Democratic candidate for governor Mark Dayton is calling on the state Republican Party and Tom Emmer's campaign for governor to tell their political trackers to stop harassing him.5:50 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Pakistan Warns Of More Floods As Heavy Rains Fall
    Pakistan has been devastated by floods, and more rain is on the way. There is rising concern that aid will not reach the millions affected by the disaster before waterborne diseases, malnutrition and exposure take their toll.
  • The Pakistan Aid Crisis
    NPR's Michele Norris talks to Molly Kinder, a senior policy analyst at the Center for Global Development, who is leading the center's work on a U.S. development strategy for Pakistan. They discuss why relief has been slow to reach the flood-hit country.
  • Trouble For The Euro? Not In Estonia
    The debt crisis among some of the 16 countries that use the euro caused a sharp drop in the currency's value. That led to speculation that the currency's very existence could be in question. But in Estonia, a former Soviet republic and now a member of the EU, many can't wait to adopt the currency.
  • Forget Random Matches: Find A Dorm Mate Online
    A growing number of colleges and universities are offering Web-based programs that let students pick their own roommates. Two dozen schools -- including Rutgers, Tulane, Sacred Heart and Mount Ida -- use a service called RoommateClick. Roommates Warren Zimmer and Dan Fissel say it made moving in less awkward.
  • How Black People May Or May Not Use Twitter
    Farhad Manjoo wrote a recent Slate article called "How Black People Use Twitter." Online backlash from the black community was swift and harsh
  • 8 Killed In Off-Road Race In California
    NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Wayne Nosala of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association about the California 200 Race this past weekend. Eight people were killed and at least 12 wounded when a truck lost control and went into a crowd of spectators.
  • Mexico's Drug War Hits Historic Border Cantinas
    The country's drug violence has ruined border tourism and forced residents in border cities to flee. Three famous Prohibition-era border bars, all founded in the 1920s, are in jeopardy. Survival has meant paying off local thugs for security, and paying employees out of pocket.
  • Proud And Unpretentious: Lessons From John Irving
    When Joshua Braff was an M.F.A. student, his classmates smirked when he announced that John Irving was one of his favorite authors. But he's proud of his love for The World According to Garp; Braff says Irving's characters live and breathe before, during and after the story ends.
  • Monkey Business: Fairness Isn't Just A Human Trait
    Humans and monkeys share more than physical evolutionary heritage -- they share many behavioral traits, too, like the concepts of fairness and curiosity. Monkeys, like humans, are able to recognize when they receive less than someone else.
  • R.I.P., Carolyn Jensen Chadwick
    A friend and colleague passed away over the weekend, after a long battle with cancer: Carolyn Jensen Chadwick.

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