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Friday, August 5, 2011

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  • Unemployment Drops To 9.1 Percent
    Job growth has faltered significantly in recent months. But, according to the Labor Department, there was a slight decrease in unemployment last month, falling to 9.1 percent. At the same time, employers added more new jobs than expected.
  • Goolsbee Discusses Working In The White House
    As headlines about the state of the world economy dominate the news, one of President Obama's chief economic advisers is packing his boxes to leave the White House. It is Austan Goolsbee's last day on the job as chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. He is returning to his position at the University of Chicago. Melissa Block talks with Goolsbee about Friday's job numbers, the nation's stagnant economic growth and what he has learned from his time in government.
  • Correction: Obama Party
    Thursday, we reported that the president would have a low-key celebration of his 50th birthday — just with family and friends. Well, it turns out that includes the likes of Jay Z, Chris Rock and Stevie Wonder. Melissa Block clarifies.
  • Week In Politics: Debt Deal; GOP Presidential Hopefuls
    Melissa Block speaks with commentators Jennifer Rubin, who writes the "Right Turn" blog for the Washington Post, and Joy-Ann Reid, a liberal political columnist for the Miami Herald and the editor of the political blog "The Reid Report," about this week's events.
  • Debt Crisis Spreads To Some European Economies
    French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a phone conference from their vacation homes in Europe Friday, in an attempt to develop a coordinated response the growing European debt crisis. There was more pressure on Italy Friday, amid fears that the country is heading toward default on its national debt — despite repeated assurances from Italian leaders that the country will be able to pay its bills.
  • Why Are Wedding Dresses So Expensive?
    A better question, according to one economist: Why are brides willing to pay so much?
  • After Labor Fight, NFL To Begin Preseason Play
    Melissa Block speaks with NPR sports correspondent Mike Pesca, about the start of the NFL's preseason. Now that the labor fight is over, teams are getting back to business — and players are getting ready to play. The first preseason games take place next week.
  • In Bolivia, Strollers Compete With Baby Slings
    Today, some young people in Bolivia have mixed feelings about carrying their babies in traditional bundles, known as aguayos. They want to be considered more Western, or "modern," and would rather push strollers. But it's causing tension with their mothers, who say they're abandoning indigenous tradition.
  • Serengeti: Play Your Part
    The Chicago rapper continues to embody troubled, dysfunctional characters of his own creation on the new Family and Friends.
  • 'Whiplash': Tense Markets Show Volatility
    Investors react to a tough week: first, lots of bad news and then, an encouraging jobs report on Friday morning from the Labor Department. Melissa Block talks to NPR's Yuki Noguchi, who recaps what happened.

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