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Friday, July 29, 2011

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  • No Resolution To Debt Ceiling Crisis In Sight
    The House has passed Speaker John Boehner's debt ceiling bill, while Senate Democrats move ahead on their own plan, which faces lumbering procedural hurdles. The irony, President Obama says, is that "the two parties are not miles apart." He adds that "the time for putting party first is over."
  • Flake: Past Spending Limits Haven't Worked
    Robert Siegel interviews Rep. Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona, about the debt ceiling negotiations. He tells Robert the inclusion of a balanced-budget amendment helped win his support for House Speaker John Boehner's revised debt plan.
  • Pizza Joint Stays Busy As Debt Debate Drags On
    Al's Gourmet Pizza on Capitol Hill has been busy providing Congress with all-day and late-night food during the debt ceiling debate.
  • Amid Debt Talks, Politicians Continue Fundraising
    Despite ongoing debate about the debt ceiling — and an impending August 2nd deadline — politicians are still hosting fundraising events for future campaigns. Michele Norris talks to Wall Street Journal reporter Brody Mullins for more.
  • Week In Politics: Debt Ceiling
    Robert Siegel is joined by Katrina vanden Heuvel, the editor of The Nation, and Yuval Levin, editor of National Affairs, to discuss this week's political debate over the debt ceiling.
  • No Debt Hike? A 'Sophie's Choice' For Who Gets Paid
    If Congress and the White House fail to make a debt-ceiling deal in time, the choice facing the administration may be who will get paid and who won't. Creditors? Seniors? Hospitals? Federal workers?
  • System Makes It Hard To Prioritize U.S. Bill Payments
    How will the government decide who to pay and who to stiff if it runs out of credit? It will be tricky since it has never had to tinker with the system to prioritize payments and has a limited ability to do so, a former Treasury official says.
  • At 7 Days, Egyptian Babies Mark First Rite Of Passage
    In Egypt, families hold a ritual called the Sebou to formally acknowledge their baby to the world. The tradition dates back to the Pharaonic times. But since the revolution earlier this year, which affected the economy, the ceremonies have been tempered.
  • Ashton Shepherd: Country Music With Roots
    In these days of citified country music, Shepherd lives the life most country stars sing about.
  • What Kind Of Deal Would The President Sign?
    President Obama said Friday he would sign a bill based on the plan devised by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that raised the debt ceiling and set the stage for deep deficit reductions in the months ahead. Robert Siegel talks to Ari Shapiro for more.

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