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Monday, July 28, 2008

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  • Justice Dept.'s Hiring Tactics Illegal, Report Says
    A report released Monday found that senior Justice Department officials considered political and ideological affiliations in selecting immigration judges, federal prosecutors and other candidates for jobs that are supposed to be free from politics.
  • Federal Deficit Heads Toward Record High
    The federal deficit is expected to reach a record $482 billion by the time the next president takes office. Rich Wolf, a Washington correspondent for USA Today, says the number is due to the sagging economy and the stimulus payments to millions of Americans.
  • Blasts Remind Iraqis Of Fragile State Of Security
    At least 57 people are dead and nearly 300 wounded after female suicide bombers blew themselves up in Baghdad and Kirkuk. The targets were Shiite pilgrims and Kurdish protesters. The attacks are a blow to the confidence in recent security gains.
  • Archaeologists Seek To Preserve German U-Boats
    Off the North Carolina shore, recreational divers have explored three German U-boats submerged since World War II ended. Now, archaeologists are getting involved to preserve them.
  • Letters: Retail Health Clinics, McCain, Math
    Listeners responded to our commentary on retail health clinics. One listener complained about language in our story on John McCain's idea for a U.K.-style question-and-answer session with Congress. And listeners wanted answers to a math problem.
  • The Day A Bomber Hit The Empire State Building
    On July 28, 1945, a B-25 bomber hit the Empire State building and exploded. The crash killed three people in the plane and 11 people who worked inside the building. Two women who survived describe the horror.
  • Librarians Harvest New Manga Titles At Comic-Con
    Are the shelves at your local library looking more colorful these days? Chalk it up to all the comic books — and the librarians who love them. Over the weekend, librarians mingled with comic enthusiasts at Comic-Con, a massive popular arts convention in San Diego.
  • Cashin, 'Agitator's Daughter,' Has New Memoir
    Sheryll Cashin, the daughter of civil rights activist Dr. John Cashin Jr., has written a memoir. Her father's activism led to the family's financial ruin, and Cashin says being the child of an agitator is an "extraordinary, complicated inheritance."
  • McCain, Obama Focus On Economy
    Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama have turned their attention to the economy. McCain is discussing jobs and energy, and has called for offshore drilling. Obama has met with top economic advisers, including former Bush administration officials.
  • Evangelicals Eye Presidential Race
    Both John McCain and Barack Obama are courting evangelical voters. Mike Rose, senior pastor at the First Federated Church in Des Moines, Iowa, calls McCain a "difficult choice," and says he doubts Obama's ability to draw evangelical Christians.

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