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Monday, July 19, 2010

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  • Expectations Low As Donors Meet In Afghanistan
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Kabul for an international donors' conference Tuesday. Afghan President Hamid Karzai, his administration plagued by allegations of corruption, will plead for more local control of the billions of dollars in aid. But war-weary Afghans wonder if the event will produce anything more than symbolism.
  • Expert Backs Limited U.S. Presence In Afghanistan
    Richard Haass is no stranger to thinking about the war in Afghanistan. In George W. Bush's administration, he served as U.S. coordinator for policy toward the future of Afghanistan, and is now president of the Council on Foreign Relations. Haass tells NPR's Robert Siegel that he favors a more limited U.S. presence in Afghanistan, putting more aid into local forces instead of giving it to a corrupt central government. And, he says, he would negotiate directly with the Taliban.
  • Marine's Ballet A Moving Tribute To Time In Iraq
    When he returned from active duty in Fallujah, Iraq, Marine Sgt. Roman Baca choreographed the ballet Homecoming inspired by letters from loved ones to Americans serving in Iraq. Baca says he felt that focusing on the wives and girlfriends and mothers "would in turn highlight the soldier, but tell the story from a very human view."
  • Hello Ladies: Old Spice's Wildly Successful Ad Model
    The recent media campaign took social media marketing to an entirely new level. The YouTube videos -- featuring a sultry-voiced, over-the-top ladies man -- managed to attract more online views in 24 hours than Susan Boyle's singing and President Obama's victory speech.
  • In The Land Of Mao, A Rising Tide Of Christianity
    An explosion of religious belief has accompanied the last 30 years of economic reform in China — and some estimates indicate that Christians now outnumber communists. Authorities are struggling with how to control the growth.
  • Book Review: Bernice McFadden's 'Glorious'
    Alan Cheuse reviews Bernice McFadden's new novel, Glorious. It's the story of a black woman born in the South who becomes, briefly, one of the central figures of the Harlem Renaissance.
  • With Sales Lagging, Lilith Fair Faces Question Of Relevance
    Lilith Fair was one of the most successful touring festivals of the 1990s. Founded by singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan and friends, it featured a lineup of female solo artists and women-led bands. The festival is back this summer after a 10-year hiatus, but slow ticket sales raise questions about whether a women's music festival is necessary in 2010.
  • Spill Chief: Seepage On Seafloor Not Cause For Alarm
    An oil and gas seep on the seafloor near BP's damaged oil well is not cause for alarm, according to the head of the federal response to the Gulf spill. As a result, Adm. Thad Allen has told BP it can keep the cap on the well closed for at least another 24 hours. Robert Siegel talks to NPR's Richard Harris for the latest.
  • Mixed Messages From Government, BP On Oil Spill
    Last week, the damaged oil well in the Gulf of Mexico stopped flowing for the first time in almost 3 months. It was a brief moment of victory for BP and the government. But both parties now disagree over the next step. BP says it would like to keep the cap on until the relief wells are finished. The government would prefer to open up the cap and siphon oil to the surface. Michele Norris talks to Paul Argenti, professor of corporate communication at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business, about the mixed messages.
  • NASA Waits For Spirit To Send Signal From Mars
    The Mars rover Spirit has been in a deep sleep for the long, cold Martian winter, and scientists aren't sure what shape the seven-year-old mobile outpost will be in when it awakes. On the opposite side of the planet, Spirit's twin, Opportunity, continues trudging along its 12-mile trek.

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