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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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  • Senate Democrats Back Off 'Nuclear Option' To End Filibusters
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Democrats took their support for President Obama's executive nominations to the brink of the "nuclear option," but then cut a deal with Republicans to pull back.
  • Juror In George Zimmerman Trial Backs Off Book Plans
    One of the jurors in the George Zimmerman trial, identified only as juror B37, spoke with CNN about the trial. She says the jury was initially split, but eventually agreed the state didn't prove its case. And she said race wasn't a factor in the decision.
  • Coming Of Age In The Era Of Oscar Grant And Trayvon Martin
    In the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict, a Youth Radio reporter talks about his coming of age as a young black man in Oakland, where violence has been the backdrop to his life.
  • Young People Push Back Against Gender Categories
    As society has become more accepting of gays, lesbians and even transgender people, a new generation of young people is challenging those categories in favor of a more fluid understanding of gender. They refuse to be limited by notions like male and female.
  • Some Worry Egypt Could Become A Repressive Police State
    Some of Egypt's liberal politicians are worried that they've allied with the enemy against the ousted president. After the January 2011 revolution, the military ruled during the transitional period for 18 months, when hundreds were killed in protests. Now the military is squarely back in power with the backing of millions of people. Some say there is a danger that Egypt's deep state will take hold again and turn the nation back into a police state. But they are still squarely in the minority.
  • The Charter School Vs. Public School Debate Continues
    The charter school movement turns 21 this year and the latest study shows kids in most charter schools are doing as well or better in reading and math than their counterparts in traditional public schools. But now, leading charter school supporters are questioning that study.
  • LISTEN: 'Light Warlpiri,' The New Language In Australia
    Stories of dying languages are all too common. A University of Michigan linguistics professor has a completely different tale about the new language she discovered in an aboriginal community of Australia.
  • Can Oysters With No Sex Life Repopulate The Chesapeake Bay?
    Scientists and watermen have joined forces to plant underwater farms in the Chesapeake with a special oyster bred to be sterile. Instead of using energy to reproduce, these oysters use it all to grow — twice as fast as normal.
  • Eavesdropping On Nature Gives Clues To Biodiversity
    Biologists who study the lives of animals can learn a lot simply by listening to them. The problem is that natural sounds can be far easier to record than to analyze. So scientists are working to automate the process with automated systems that do the identifying for them.
  • D.C. Wage Rift Puts Spotlight On Wal-Mart's Urban Push
    Wal-Mart's plans to come to Washington, D.C., are up in the air after the City Council voted to require the world's largest retailer to pay workers a living wage. The case highlights some of the difficulties — and opportunities — big-box stores sometimes face entering urban markets.

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