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Friday, July 16, 2010

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  • Gulf Residents Adopt 'Wait And See' Attitude To Cap
    BP says the new seal on its ruptured Deepwater Horizon well has stopped oil from leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. Residents hope the fix is permanent, and they're watching anxiously.
  • BP's Sealing Cap Only A Piece Of Final Solution
    So far, the effort to stop the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is succeeding, more than a day after engineers closed the valves on a specially designed cap. NPR's Richard Harris joins host Michele Norris to explain how this cap was designed and how it works.
  • BP Oil Drilling Plan For Alaska Attracts Criticism
    BP is moving ahead with an offshore drilling project in Alaska's Arctic Ocean. The project pushes the boundaries of standard practice in the industry. Critics are concerned about the possibility of another spill like the one in Gulf.
  • Week In Politics: NAACP Vs. Tea Party, Financial Bill
    Robert Siegal talks with regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and David Brooks of The New York Times and Brookings Institution, about the week in politics.
  • Mystery Surrounds Iranians Turning Up In U.S.
    Iranian Shahram Amiri has been welcomed back to Tehran, but questions continue to swirl around his case -- and those of others. Recently it was disclosed that Hossein Mousavian, a senior Iranian official responsible for nuclear negotiations, had turned up in the United States. Mousavian was accused of espionage when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became president and even jailed for a short while. Mousavian knows a lot about the views of Iran's top leaders with respect to its nuclear program. He is now at Princeton University. In contrast to Amiri, the Iranian government has been very quiet about Mousavian.
  • Sunni Militants Behind Mosque Bombings In Iran
    A Sunni insurgent group has claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings yesterday at a Shiite mosque in southeast Iran. The group said the attacks, which killed 27 people, were carried out to avenge the execution of its leader. Michele Norris Thomas Erdbrink, a correspondent for The Washington Post, about the bombings.
  • What's Next For The Final Frontier?
    Planetary scientists are whittling down a list of potential missions to other worlds. And just about everything under the sun is on the table. "The solar system is completely wide open," says one astronomer. "Almost anywhere we go, I'm sure we would learn a lot."
  • A Visit To The Imaginarium Of Leonardo DiCaprio
    Currently starring in Christopher Nolan's hallucinatory sci-fi drama Inception, the actor spoke with NPR's Michele Norris about finding a way through the film's many-layered dream world -- and what happened when that world found its way into his own dreams.
  • 'Snitch' Visa: Tool To Get Terrorism Suspects Talking
    Najibullah Zazi, the Denver shuttle bus driver the FBI arrested last September in a failed bid to bomb New York's subways, is cooperating with prosecutors. That could win him -- and some family members -- a little-known reward granted to some informants.
  • GOP Pushes For More Votes Against Kagan
    Because Democrats hold a Senate majority, there is little doubt Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan will be confirmed. But the Republican leadership, and some outside groups, are pushing hard to raise the number of 'no' votes.

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