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Monday, July 16, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Greeting her daughterHugs and happy reunions
    After nearly two years of deployment in Iraq, and a week of demobilization in Wisconsin, hundreds of Minnesota National Guard soldiers are returning home to the state this week. Reunions are occurring all across the state as families, friends and loved ones of soldiers gather at armories around the region.5:20 p.m.
  • Welcome homeA list of units returning this week
    Ten National Guard units return to their hometowns across Minnesota this week. Here's a schedule of their arrivals so far.5:27 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • U.S. Troops Target Insurgent Havens Near Baghdad
    The U.S. military says villages in Iraq's Tigris River delta have become havens for insurgents. The Army has set up outposts close to insurgent strongholds in the region, an effort to engage both the enemy and the villagers, whose trust is essential to winning the war.
  • Ford Considers Unloading Volvo
    Ford Motor Company is considering offers for Volvo, the Swedish car maker that Ford bought in 1999 for $6.5 billion. Robert Siegel talks with Micheline Maynard, of the New York Times, about whether the move signifies a broader "back to basics" shift in Detroit.
  • Militants Break Deal with Pakistani Government
    Ten months ago, the Pakistani government agreed to withdraw thousands of troops from the northern tribal region, provided Islamic militants stop launching cross border attacks. Over the weekend, militants discarded the agreement and vowed a full-fledged war on the Pakistani government. Journalist Sharmeen Obaid talks with Michele Norris.
  • Foreign Policy Blunders Ruined U.S. Credibility
    In the wake of Iraq and other U.S. foreign policy blunders, says NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr, few countries are listening to the United States anymore.
  • Drought in Western Africa Launches Migration Wave
    Our series, "Climate Connections," continues with a visit to a community of refugees from Cape Verde. The drought in western Africa has unleashed a wave of human migration.
  • In Prison, Anti-Abortion Terrorist Taunts via Web
    Incarceration in the so-called supermax prison has not stopped convicted killer Eric Rudolph from reaching out to taunt his victims and make new friends in the anti-abortion movement via his Web site. Another supermax prisoner, Mark Jordan, is suing for his right to publish articles.
  • 'Out Stealing Horses' Beats Fiction Heavyweights
    Norwegian writer Per Petterson won the coveted IMPAC Dublin prize for fiction this year, against such competition as Cormac McCarthy and Salman Rushdie. The novel that garnered him the prize is called Out Stealing Horses. It has now been published in the United States, in a translation by Anne Born.
  • Indie Rockers Rally Around One of Their Own
    Think of indie rock, and you might think of angry, cynical musicians railing against a materialistic world. Not so when one of their own is at risk: In September, Baltimore musicians J. Robbins and Janet Morgan learned that their 9-month-old son had been born with a motor neuron disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The response from their colleagues has been overwhelming.
  • Bush Proposes New Mideast Peace Talks
    In the wake of recent violence in Gaza, President Bush on Monday promised more aid to the Palestinian Authority and proposed a new summit for the Middle East this fall to help restart peace talks. The gathering will include Israel, the Palestinian Authority and some of their Arab neighbors.
  • Amendment Would Require an Iraq Exit Strategy
    As the Senate enters the second week of its latest debate on the Iraq war, Republican Sens. Richard Lugar and John Warner introduce an amendment that would require the Bush administration to find an exit strategy for Iraq and present its plan to Congress by mid-October.

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