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Thursday, July 7, 2011

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  • Rep. Price Discusses Budget Talks
    Melissa Block speaks with Georgia Republican Rep. Tom Price, a member of the Budget Committee and the Ways and Means Committee. He is also chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee. Price offers his take on the debt ceiling negotiations.
  • What Do We Know About The Budget Talks?
    What do we know about what President Obama is discussing with top leaders from both parties in Congress Thursday and through the weekend? What is their game plan for raising the debt ceiling and bending down the deficit curve? Mara Liasson discusses the debt ceiling talks with Melissa Block.
  • 'News Of The World' Folding; Hacking Scandal Brings It Down
    The British tabloid has been under increasing attack because of the scandal over how investigators it hired hacked the phones of murder victims, celebrities, politicians and relatives of those killed and injured in the London bombings.
  • How Do Changing Demographics Impact Ads?
    Life in advertising is multicultural — how does it compare to real life, and how is advertising selling the "All-American" dream? Michele Norris talks to Jimmy Smith, creative director at TBWA/Chiat/Day, and Roberto Orci, Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies chair-elect and president of Acento ad agency, for more.
  • Some Russians Happy To Back Status Quo In Election
    It's no secret that President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will essentially decide the winner of March's presidential election, depending on whose name goes on the ballot. Why aren't more Russians pushing for change? It seems like for some, that would just mean chaos.
  • Celebratory South Sudan Prepares For Independence
    After it declares independence on Saturday, South Sudan will face a challenge in developing good relations with the north after years of conflict. But now, many are hopeful for a new start as they plan independence festivities and learn the lyrics to a new national anthem.
  • Perp Walk: The History Of Parading Criminal Suspects
    Michele Norris talks with David Krajicek about the history of the so-called perp walk — and why law enforcement uses it, particularly in New York City. They discuss why the media is drawn to these and talk about some famous perp walks in the U.S.
  • At Women's World Cup, U.S. Faces A Difficult Road
    The U.S. women were on a roll heading into Wednesday's match against Sweden in the Women's World Cup. But after a 2-1 upset loss, the Americans find their road to reclaiming the cup much harder now. The next obstacle: a quarterfinal match against a very tough Brazilian team. Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis joins Michele Norris from Berlin for a preview.
  • 'Dig This' Offers New Kind Of Sandbox Experience
    Dig This, the first ever heavy-equipment playground, lets park attendees drive and operate construction equipment like bulldozers and excavators. The park has been open for about two months in Las Vegas, but it hasn't yet turned a profit.
  • NASA Prepares For Its Last Shuttle Mission
    With the launch of NASA's last-ever shuttle mission set for Friday morning, NPR's Nell GreenfieldBoyce describes the scene at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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