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Thursday, June 19, 2008

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  • Skepticism as Israel, Hamas Cease-Fire Takes Effect
    A truce went into effect Thursday between Israeli forces and Hamas militants who control the Gaza Strip. The deal, mediated by Egypt, came after months of indirect talks. But people on both sides are already skeptical the deal will hold.
  • U.S. General: Safe Harbors Aid Afghan Insurgency
    As long as militants have sanctuaries across the border in Pakistan, Gen. Dan McNeill says the insurgency in Afghanistan will last "longer than it should."
  • Officials Change Tune on Torture
    Many officials who condoned the torture of terrorist suspects immediately after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, are now changing their minds, as the threat of another attack becomes less likely.
  • Bear Stearns Execs Arrested
    Two former Bear Stearns hedge fund managers are in custody after being charged with concealing problems that eventually led to the collapse of the funds. The demise of the two funds helped trigger the broader credit crisis.
  • Nation's Levees May Need Overhaul
    Numerous levees have already failed to hold back floodwaters in parts of the Midwest this week. The federal government says many more are likely to be topped. Engineering experts agree the nation's levee system needs a second look. Adriene Hill of Chicago Public Radio reports.
  • Car Gas Mileage May Not Be All It Seems
    Even a small improvement in gas guzzlers saves more gas than a big improvement in already fuel-efficient cars. If cars were rated in gallons per mile instead of the other way around, people might get a better idea of how to save gas.
  • Voices on the Economy
    Last week All Things Considered asked listeners how they're coping with the current economy — rising food and energy prices, the mortgage crisis, and so on. Today we hear some of what listeners had to say.
  • Tiger's Injury Leaves Questions About Return
    Tiger Woods' dramatic win at the U.S. Open Monday continues to resonate this week. Now Woods is undergoing season-ending knee surgery — and the one athlete who can generate buzz in any workplace, bar or coffee shop is on the shelf.
  • Quadriplegic Attempts Solo Sail Around British Isles
    Hilary Lister uses three straws and a "puff-and-sip" system to control her sailboat as she embarks on a three- to four-month attempt to circumnavigate Great Britain. She says sailing helps her transcend her physical pain — and that it saved her life.
  • Obama Rejects Public Financing
    Democratic candidate Barack Obama announced Thursday he won't take part in the public-finance system for the presidential campaign. Obama becomes the first candidate in a general election to opt out of the primary system.

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