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Monday, June 16, 2008

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  • After the Deluge in Iowa City
    It could take a week for the floodwaters to drain from the streets of Iowa City, Iowa. Those caught in the deluge are trying to determine how to get their lives back together.
  • Quincy, Ill., Copes with Floods
    The Illinois Army National Guard has been called up to help with sandbagging duties in Quincy, Ill. Quincy Mayor John Spring sets the scene.
  • BP Takes Heat for Russian Oil Deal
    A leading Russian shareholder in BP's troubled joint venture TNK-BP is stepping up his attacks on the British oil company. But is it part of a Kremlin plot to put the joint venture in the hands of the state?
  • Recycling Plan Catches On in Tijuana
    At 17, Miroslava Enciso Limon visited the Tijuana city dump for a school project — and came up with the idea for a recycling machine. Now the project is rounding into shape.
  • An Unflinching, 'Street' View of the American Dream
    Twenty years ago, author and literature professor Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina was looking for an undiscovered classic for her African-American-fiction class. What she found was Ann Petry's The Street, and she's been teaching it ever since.
  • Cash Seizures by Police Prompt Court Fights
    Law enforcement officials can confiscate money without ever charging anyone with a crime, as long as they can prove it's tied to illegal activity. But sometimes they take money even when they can't connect it to a crime.
  • Gay Marriages Begin in California
    Gay couples can now legally exchange marriage vows in California — and hundreds of weddings are expected Tuesday. The state Supreme Court overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriages. But a ballot initiative in November might stop them.
  • Kathleen Edwards: 'Flowers' and Hockey Skates
    Kathleen Edwards is a 29-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter with a taste for rock 'n' roll, folk and especially country music. Given her country of origin, it's no surprise that her songs find metaphors in hockey skates and border crossings instead of red dirt farms or the Blue Ridge Mountains. On Asking for Flowers, she steps up her game even further.
  • Bush, Brown Discuss Iran, Afghanistan
    President Bush ends a European "farewell" tour in London, conferring with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Among the topics: Iran and an increase in British troops in Afghanistan.
  • McCain and Bush: Common Ground on War, Torture
    Republican Sen. John McCain's rivals have said a McCain presidency would be akin to another term for President Bush. Now that attention has shifted to the general election, such comparisons are likely to loom large in the race for the White House. Bush and McCain do differ on some issues, but they've reached agreement on the Iraq war and the question of torture.

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