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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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  • Obama Knocks McCain on Economy
    Sen. Barack Obama tells NPR that he has an economic agenda that is "meaningful" and "fiscally responsible." That includes overhauling the country's energy policy, reversing Bush-era tax cuts aimed at the wealthiest Americans and digging out of debt.
  • McCain: Obama Would Be Bad for U.S. Business
    Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain said today that rival Barack Obama was bad for business. McCain told a gathering of small-business owners that Obama's economic proposals would result in higher taxes and steeper overhead costs. He also faulted Obama's pledge to renegotiate NAFTA.
  • No Movement on Iran Until Bush Is Replaced
    NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr says U.S. relations with Iran are stuck and not much is likely to happen until the next U.S. president takes office in January 2009.
  • Markets Send Dollar Higher Despite Troubling News
    It was a confusing day in the financial markets. The day started with a worse-than-expected report on the trade deficit. Normally that would put downward pressure on the dollar, but today the dollar went up. The greenback got a boost from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, who said the run-up in oil prices is creating a new opportunity for a spike in inflation.
  • Housing Bailout Plan Sparks Anger for Some
    Congressional leaders hope to wrap up a bill soon that would slow the pace of foreclosures. They're at their highest level since 1979. The bill has strong support from Democrats and quite a few Republicans. But the government bailout plan is also meeting resistance — from renters and even other homeowners.
  • Are You Riding Out the Economy's Bumps?
    Are summer plans being revised? Are you taking more public transportation to save on gas? We're looking to hear your stories on how — or if — you're cutting in today's tough economy.
  • In Europe, Bush Calls for a United Front on Iran
    President Bush is in Germany today on the second stop of his weeklong tour of Europe. The president began his trip in Slovenia, with a call for European nations to take a tougher stand on Iran. Speaking at the annual U.S.-European summit, Bush called Iran's nuclear program a danger to world peace.
  • Colombia Announces Gains in Fighting FARC
    In Colombia, the army says FARC guerrillas are on the run, thanks in part to billions in American aid. Some officials are predicting victory, and a quick end to a conflict that goes back for decades. But to many, the guerrillas remain ever present in the countryside, and promise more trouble for Washington's closest ally in Latin America.
  • In Colombia, New FARC Chief Seen as a Hard-Liner
    Alfonso Cano, the new leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, is known more for his intellect than his military prowess. But that won't necessarily make him more prone to negotiate an end to Colombia's seemingly unending war.
  • Philadelphia's '10,000 Men' Plan Starts Slowly
    The effort to put 10,000 volunteer peacekeepers on the streets of Philadelphia started with a huge rally, and plenty of media coverage, last fall. But the reality has not lived up to that initial promise. Six months later, there are still no street patrols; organizers concede they have only a few hundred reliable volunteers.

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