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Monday, June 7, 2010

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  • Karzai Defends Afghan Security Shake-Ups
    President Hamid Karzai's decision to fire the Afghan interior minister and intelligence chief caught many in Kabul by surprise. Karzai blamed the two officials for failing to prevent the Taliban attack on last week's peace jirga. But they were highly respected by U.S. and other Western officials in the Afghan capital.
  • Holbrooke On Afghan Conflict, Planned Drawdown
    Richard Holbrooke, the United States' Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, is in Madrid, Spain, meeting with his counterparts from 30 other nations. Robert Siegel speaks with Ambassador Holbrooke about the conference and how the latest offensive in Marjah may affect the planned drawdown date next summer.
  • A Graveyard For Roman Gladiators -- In England?
    Archaeologists say a dig in northern England may have revealed a burial ground for Roman gladiators. Key clues: the age and heft of the skeletons -- plus the fact that they all were decapitated.
  • Apple Unveils New iPhone Model
    Melissa Block talks to NPR's Laura Sydell, who is attending the Apple developers' conference in San Francisco. Apple CEO Steve Jobs kicked off the conference Monday by debuting the newest version of the iPhone.
  • Bugging Bugs (By Listening To Their Insides)
    Scientists listen in on the sounds inside insect bodies to unlock the mysteries of their anatomy.
  • A Wild, Rumor-Filled S.C. Gubernatorial Contest
    In the days leading up to Tuesday's gubernatorial primary in South Carolina, allegations are flying fast and furious. The GOP front-runner, Nikki Haley, has had to fight back claims from several men that she cheated on her husband. It's just one of the many wrinkles in the race to find a successor to Mark Sanford.
  • Nevada Voters To Choose Reid's GOP Challenger
    Robert Siegel talks to Jon Ralston, columnist for the Las Vegas Sun, about the GOP Senate primary in Nevada on Tuesday, in which voters will choose an opponent for Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
  • Gates Foundation Pledges $1.5 Billion To Child And Maternal Health
    Melinda Gates announced that the foundation would invest in programs promoting maternal and child health, family planning, and nutrition in developing countries.
  • A Happy Homecoming For Long-Lost Silent Films
    Seventy-five American silent films that were thought lost for more than 80 years are finally coming home. They were discovered in the vaults of The New Zealand Film Archive and include films by The Grapes of Wrath director John Ford and landmark female directors Mabel Normand and Lois Weber.
  • Memorable Summer Jobs
    Throughout the summer, we'll be hearing from people about the summer job that influenced them the most. Melissa Block and Robert Siegel read from a few of the couple of hundred e-mails our listeners have sent in, and Block talks with writer Paul Dickson, who recounts his days working as an assembly line stocker at the Otis elevator factory in Yonkers, N.Y.

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