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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Officer Leo CastroBus riders appreciate beefed-up security
    After a number of violent incidents on buses, Metro Transit has launched a plan to cut down on transit crime by putting more uniformed police officers and better cameras on buses. We took a bus ride to see how it's working.5:18 p.m.
  • MosquitoOnce bitten
    Mosquito season is here again. Sure, they're a nuisance, but mosquitoes are also a global health problem. In the medical world, there's new attention on mosquitoes as a health threat. The current Journal of the American Medical Association is entirely devoted to malaria.5:50 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • World Bank Continues Zoellick's Rise
    In nominating Robert Zoellick to lead the World Bank, President Bush chose a former U.S. trade representative and deputy secretary of state who is often described as smart, capable, even brilliant. But Zoellick, who replaces Paul Wolfowitz, is also known for being tough, demanding, even arrogant.
  • Argentina's Unusual Approach Leads to Big Gains
    Argentina's President Nestor Kirchner has overseen one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America. The turnaround followed three years of economic collapse in Argentina that left more than half the nation in poverty.
  • Sudan Puts Bush to the Test, Again
    Darfur presents President Bush with another test of his global leadership. Sanctions aside, the United Nations will continue to drag its heels, as the United States pushes for action.
  • Microsoft's 'Surface' Unveiled at Conference
    Microsoft's new tabletop computer responds to human touch and can interact with devices like digital cameras and cell phones. The Surface was unveiled at the All Things Digital conference in Carlsbad, Calif. Michele Norris talks with Glenn Derene, senior technology editor for Popular Mechanics.
  • Automatic Writing: Sounds of a Teletype
    Listener Will Everett has a SoundClip about a teletype machine that arrived in his school when he was in fifth grade. The kids loved the old machine as much for its sound as anything. He lets us hear one he has.
  • Fred Thompson Moves Closer to 2008 Candidacy
    Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, a 2008 "dream candidate" for many conservatives disenchanted with the Republican presidential field, on Monday will announce the creation of a preliminary fundraising effort to see if there is room for another GOP candidate Monday.
  • Latest Nixon Biography Portrays an Isolated Leader
    The biography Richard M. Nixon, the latest installment in the American Presidents Series, portrays the 37th president as a paranoid leader who abused alcohol and drugs, had few friends and was obsessed with his image. Elizabeth Drew, the book's author, says she now believes Nixon to have been unfit.
  • Summer of Love at the Whitney
    The Summer of Love exhibit at the Whitney is a sure draw for summer tourists. There are light shows and album covers and music, along with art: Robert Indiana, Richard Avedon, and Jimi Hendrix (a watercolor) are represented.
  • Your Own Personal Guru
    Word-jazz performer Ken Nordine finds a guru to lead him to what he says is a simpler way of life. But why is there a bullhorn?
  • Bush Calls for Billions in AIDS Funding
    President Bush is urging Congress to authorize an additional $30 billion to fight AIDS in Africa over five years. The money, which would double the current U.S. commitment, would provide treatment for 2.5 million people under the president's Emergency Program for AIDS Relief.

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