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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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  • Did White House OK Earliest Detainee Abuse?
    Abusive interrogation techniques were used on Abu Zubaydah in the months between his capture and the first Justice Department memo authorizing harsh interrogations. A new document shows that the White House may have authorized those techniques.
  • What Are Obama's Options On Guantanamo?
    Ken Gude, a national security analyst with the Center for American Progress, outlines issues facing the Obama administration as it struggles to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay.
  • NASA Rover Stuck In Flourlike Martian Soil
    On Mars, a little rover named Spirit has gotten stuck in alien soil. Two weeks ago, its wheels dug into the Martian soil and became trapped. With two wheels not fully functioning, scientists are worried that they may not be able to free the rover.
  • Credit Card Bill Heads To Obama's Desk
    Congress sent President Obama a bill Wednesday that seeks to rein in credit card fees and interest rates. But one result of the measure is that card companies' best customers may wind up paying more.
  • Charging Ahead With The Credit Card Bill
    Congress has passed a bill that would enact sweeping new restrictions on the credit card industry. The bill does away with arbitrary rate hikes and bans issuing cards to minors.
  • Prayer May Reshape Your Brain ... And Your Reality
    Scans show that people who spend untold hours in prayer or meditation go dark in the parietal lobe, the brain area that helps create a sense of self. A researcher says these people may be rewriting the neural connections in their brains — altering how they see the world.
  • Sex Offenders Forced To Live Under Miami Bridge
    Sex offenders with few resources who want to stay in Miami have just one option: an encampment of tents and shacks under a causeway. What began as a stopgap solution to a city ordinance limiting where offenders can live has become de facto public policy.
  • How Can Vick Get Beyond Dogfighting Issue?
    Suspended pro football star Michael Vick left prison Wednesday after 19 months for two months of home confinement. Vick, sentenced for financing an illegal dogfighting ring, still has a major PR problem. Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, talks with Melissa Block.
  • NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. Struggling
    Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of NASCAR's best known and most-liked drivers. But he's having a terrible year. Some in the sport have begun to question his talent.
  • California Voters Reject Budget Fix
    California voters overwhelming rejected a package of ballot measures aimed at relieving the state's crushing $21 billion budget deficit. Now lawmakers are trying to map out their next move. Massive spending cuts may be the only alternative.

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