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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • Netanyahu Expected To Visit Obama
    Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is about to set out to Washington D.C., where he'll meet President Obama Friday and, next week, address a joint session of Congress. His trip comes as Israel's under growing pressure, thanks partly to the Arab Spring. The Palestinians' campaign for statehood has new momentum — and now, with Fatah and Hamas united again, they're planning to seek recognition from the U.N. in September. Netanyahu will use the mission to try to counter this — particularly by denouncing the inclusion of Hamas in a future Palestinian government.
  • After Bin Laden's Death, Who Will Lead Al-Qaida?
    Following the death of Osama bin Laden, there are many questions about who will lead al-Qaida. One of the terrorist network's most active branches is in Yemen. It's known as al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula or AQAP. The U.S., with troves of evidence from the raid on bin Laden's compound, is trying to find out more about AQAP. Robert Siegel speaks with Gregory Johnsen, scholar and blogger on Yemen issues. Johnsen discusses revelations from evidence found at Osama bin Laden's compound.
  • WHO Looks At Destroying Smallpox Stocks
    The World Health Organization is once again about to debate whether or not to destroy the world's remaining stocks of the deadly smallpox virus. We take a look at what has — and what hasn't — changed in the arguments for and against, as the organization gets set to discuss the matter later this week.
  • For Maids In Manhattan, Unseemly Sights On The Job
    The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn is prompting hotel maids to share stories of fending off men who approached them. The IMF chief is in jail on charges of raping a housekeeper in a New York City hotel.
  • Politicians And Their Wives: What's Fair Game?
    Political wives and their messy marriages have been at the top of the news this week — from Maria Shriver to Callista Gingrich to Cheri Daniels. It's not a new phenomenon. Says one political consultant: "There is no definition of fair game. So whatever you think it is, you can disabuse yourself of any of that notion."
  • Syria Faces New U.S. Sanctions
    The U.S. announces new sanctions against Syria, adding President Bashar Assad's name to a list of those whose assets in the U.S. are to be frozen. The move comes amid a continuing Syrian government crackdown on protests across the country.
  • Flooding In Louisiana's Great Basin: A Good Thing?
    In the short term, flooding in the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana may threaten a huge animal population. But for Louisiana's long-eroding coastal wetlands, the high water may be a good thing. Tons of sediment washing down the river will spur plant and animal life and help build new wetlands.
  • When The Levee Breaks: Ripples Of The Great Flood
    Along the mighty Mississippi River, rising waters carry musical echoes of the river's long history of floods. Many of those sonic tributaries reach back to perhaps the worst one in U.S. history: the Great Flood of 1927. Its history can be found in textbooks, but it comes to life in music.
  • Wacky Warning Labels Contest Announces Finalists
    The 14th annual Wacky Warning Labels contest, highlighting the most bizarre consumer cautions, announced its five finalists Tuesday and will select a winner in June. Robert Siegel talks to Bob Dorigo Jones, who started the contest back in 1997.
  • Wanda Sa: One Of The Last Links To Bossa Nova
    There's very little nostalgia in the Brazilian singer's work. She's just a flat-out amazing performer who's been amazing for a long, long time, whether people were paying attention or not.

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