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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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  • Details Emerge About Underwear Bomb Creator
    Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is the man U.S. authorities believe is behind the latest bomb plot from al-Qaida's arm in Yemen. A former chemistry major dropout, Asiri was radicalized in a Saudi prison after he was arrested for trying to get to Iraq to fight the United States. He has been with al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula for six years but really made a name for himself among U.S. intelligence officials until 2009, when they discovered his fingerprint on the underwear bomb on Northwest Airlines Flight 253. Dina Temple-Raston talks to Audie Cornish about the bomb-maker.
  • High-Profile Primaries In Three States On Tuesday
    The presidential primaries are no longer competitive, but there are three important non-presidential primaries on Tuesday. The first is an Indiana Republican Senate primary in which veteran Senator Dick Lugar's career is on the line. The second is a vote in North Carolina on a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage — as well as civil unions and domestic partnerships. The third pivotal vote of the day is the Democratic primary for Wisconsin's gubernatorial recall election. Melissa Block talks with Ron Elving.
  • Enthusiasm For Romney Runs Low In Fla. Panhandle
    Many in this bastion of conservative voters still see GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney as "not my first choice." Still, the prospect of another term for President Obama is likely to motivate conservatives to fall in line behind Romney, observers say.
  • Greece's Left Wing Tries To Form A Government
    A left-wing coalition opposed to austerity measures has received the mandate to form a new government. But it's unclear whether Syriza, the party that finished second in Sunday's election, can cobble together a government, raising the prospect of yet another round of voting.
  • Greece's Debt May Have Massive Ripple Effect
    Greece's "collision course" with its creditors is likely to have a deep impact well beyond Greek borders and Europe. Melissa Block talks through some of those scenarios with Ken Rogoff — economics professor at Harvard and former chief economist with the International Monetary Fund.
  • Sendak's Legacy: Helping Kids 'Survive Childhood'
    "Children surviving childhood is my obsessive theme and my life's concern," Maurice Sendak told NPR in 1993. The author and illustrator — one of the most admired artists in children's literature — died Tuesday at the age of 83.
  • An Inside Look At Sendak's 'Wonderful Magic'
    Wicked author Gregory Maguire considered Maurice Sendak, who died Tuesday at age 83, a personal mentor. He says Sendak's books were magical — "the more you look at them, the less you understand how they do what they do." Maguire talks about his memories of the Where the Wild Things Are author.
  • Nobel Laureate: 'I've Been Wrong So Often, I Don't Find It Extraordinary At All'
    "I'm 101 at the moment," Ronald Coase told me. "I get older by the minute."
  • American Tries To Take Back Unlimited Airfare
    When American Airlines began offering lifetime passes for unlimited, first class travel, it didn't anticipate just how much the program would cost them down the line. The price tag for the golden tickets started at $250,000 back in the 1980s, but airline investigators say that one ticket-holder was costing the company a million dollars. Audie Cornish speaks with Los Angeles Times business reporter Ken Bensinger about the lifetime offer American Airlines is now trying to take back.
  • As The Clock Ticks, Americans Train Afghan Troops
    The U.S. plans to end its combat mission in Afghanistan in 2014. The Americans are working with the Afghans to make that country's military more self-sufficient, but even teaching the small things can take time.

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