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Monday, May 7, 2007

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  • Kansas Governor Outlines Tornado Cleanup Efforts
    Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius says that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have drained equipment from her state's National Guard, which she expects will hamper recovery from the devastating tornado that struck the town of Greensburg on Friday.
  • State Representative Rides Out Tornado in Tub
    Kansas state Rep. Dennis McKinney and his daughter huddled in a basement bathtub when a powerful tornado hit their hometown of Greensburg on Friday night. He talks to Michele Norris about their experience.
  • Projects Aim to Boost Minorities in Medical Trials
    The federal government will announce two new projects designed to increase the numbers of minorities who participate in clinical trials. They were developed to help doctors better recognize the cultural and linguistic challenges facing minorities in such trials.
  • Sarkozy to Bring Fresh Ideas to Foreign Policy
    In his victory speech Sunday evening, newly elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he wanted to reach out to "his American friends." Analysts say relations between the U.S. and France could improve with the election of the pro-American Sarkozy.
  • Sarkozy's Election Reflects Europe's Right Turn
    What does the election of a right-of-center Nicolas Sarkozy in France mean for Europe? In the last few years, Germany and other countries have seen the rise of conservative politicians, while Sarkozy has pledged that France will take a leading role in the European community.
  • Investigators Now Follow E-Mail Trail
    Communication by e-mail has altered the very nature of communication — and made it easier for past misdeeds to be discovered and investigated.
  • Waging a One-Woman War Against Black Flies
    Each spring, nature deals parts of the rural North a cruel fate: the arrival of black flies. But Andrea Malik, a resident of northern New York, bushwhacks into the deepest woods to fight back with a pesticide that kills only black flies and mosquitoes.
  • Clemens Comes Back to Baseball
    Retired pitcher Roger Clemens is returning to baseball. He has signed with the New York Yankees for more than $18 million to play part of the 2007 season. Clemens, who turns 45 in August, is expected to make his first start in three to four weeks.
  • Refinery Backlog Prompts Spike in Gas Prices
    For the first time this year, the price of gasoline has topped $3 per gallon. Usually when prices at the pump spike, it is because of a big jump in the cost of crude oil. This time, there is another big factor: Refineries can't keep pace with demand.
  • Laurie David: One Seriously 'Inconvenient' Woman
    Climate-change activist Laurie David raises millions, helped turn Al Gore's slide show into an Oscar-winning film, and won't take "no" for an answer. All of which has made her fair game for comics and critics.

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