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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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  • Cal State Faculty OK Strike Amid A 'Scary Future'
    The nation's largest four-year, public university system is in trouble. Professors authorized a strike Wednesday over working conditions and pay, and students began a hunger strike demanding a tuition freeze. Higher education in California has been pushed to the breaking point.
  • Coming Of Age In An Ever-Recovering Economy
    Students of all backgrounds are coming of age in an era when the economy is always described as "recovering" — never "recovered". So with graduation coming up, how are college students are feeling about their prospects? Audie Cornish visited the University of Maryland to find out.
  • DOJ Looking Into Mont. Sexual Assault Complaints
    The Justice Department has opened an investigation into how prosecutors in Missoula, Mont., handle sexual assault allegations. There have been more than 80 sexual assaults over the past three years, some involving students at the University of Montana. The local District Attorney is cooperating, but is decrying federal involvement.
  • Cuba's New Mantra: Viva Private Business
    Cuban President Raul Castro's economic reforms are taking on a new urgency as the island's biggest benefactor, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, battles cancer and faces re-election. Havana says nearly half of Cuba's economic activity will shift to the private sector in the next several years.
  • A Syrian Graffiti Artist, Defiant Until Death
    Known as "the spray man," 23-year-old Nour Hatem Zahra helped organize protests and spray-painted anti-government slogans around Damascus, the Syrian capital. He died this week after security forces shot him. Hundreds of mourners attended his funeral.
  • First Of Controversial Bird Flu Studies Is Published
    The paper describes experiments that suggest just a few genetic changes could potentially make a bird flu virus capable of becoming contagious in humans, and causing a dangerous pandemic. A fierce debate has raged over this study for months, because of fears that the work might provide a recipe for turning bird flu into a bioweapon.
  • Explosion In Free Online Classes May Change Course Of Higher Education
    It's become much cheaper and easier to put college courses online, and new technologies have only made these classes more valuable. Following the lead of other top universities, Harvard and MIT announced a new venture Wednesday to provide online classes for free.
  • GOP 'Young Guns' Group Takes Heat In Indiana Senate Race
    "Young Guns" is a brand created in part by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Former aides of his have started YG groups that are playing a role in congressional primaries. A recent mailer from YG Network in Indiana sent a message that upset some conservatives there.
  • In Greek Election Campaign, Anger Trumps Civility
    This weekend, Greece holds what is expected to be the most fractious parliamentary elections in decades. Voters are so angry they're attacking lawmakers with eggs, yogurt and obscenities. Greeks blame politicians for causing the debt crisis by stealing public money and financial mismanagement.
  • Studios To Movie Fans: Take Our Clips, Please
    Studios and content owners are worried about the appearance of unauthorized clips on YouTube, but one startup is trying to help make it possible to share clips legally.

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