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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

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  • Spate of Suicide Bombings Threatens Iraq 'Surge'
    An Iraqi military spokesman has announced that heavy vehicles will be banned from crossing most of Baghdad's bridges. The ban appears to be designed to keep the bridges safe from suicide bombers; hundreds of suicide bombers have detonated their explosives in the four years of the Iraq war.
  • Bush Welcomes Colombia's Uribe to White House
    Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe was in Washington on Wednesday to make the case for U.S. collaboration on trade and the fight against drug trafficking. President Bush supports Uribe's effort to persuade U.S. lawmakers to approve more military and anti-narcotics aid and back a trade deal.
  • Birds of Spring Fill Ohio Skies After Cold Snap
    Commentator, author and bird lover Julie Zickefoose provides an update on how the birds of spring are doing after a recent, unseasonable cold spell. She reports that the migratory birds are now arriving en masse, albeit later than usual.
  • Climate's Role in Human Evolution
    Millions of years ago, climate change shaped the evolution of the human species. Paleoanthropologist Rick Potts tells Robert Siegel that humans evolved as a response to an unstable environment. Potts is the director of the Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History.
  • Prehistoric Lifestyles: Building as Climate Allows
    Humans exist at the mercy of the environment, and when climate is welcoming and stable, humans can't resist taking the opportunity to move into some new real estate.
  • Queen Elizabeth Prepares for Her American Visit
    Britain's Queen Elizabeth II will arrive in the United States on Thursday for a state visit that centers on the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, Va. — the first permanent English settlement on American soil. The queen and her husband, Prince Philip, will attend the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.
  • In Beekeeping, Learning Curve Is Steep, Stinging
    Storyteller Bill Harley remembers his first foray into beekeeping. Harley is a storyteller, songwriter and author who is currently covered in baking soda to reduce swelling from bee stings in Seekonk, Mass. His latest recording of songs for families is I Wanna Play.
  • Veto Sustained, Bush Sits Down with Lawmakers
    With his veto of the Iraq spending bill sustained, President Bush sat down with bipartisan leaders from Congress to discuss a version of the funding measure that would not force withdrawal of U.S. troops on a timetable.
  • Congressional Leaders Visit White House for Talks
    The House of Representatives failed to override President Bush's veto of the war funding bill that included timetables for beginning a U.S. troop withdrawal. Within an hour, President Bush sat down with leaders of both parties in Congress. All parties said they wanted to compromise, but none offered to give any ground.
  • Snowe Looks for Bipartisan Support on Iraq Bill
    Two weeks ago, Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) introduced legislation that would set a four-month timetable for the Iraqi government to report on its progress. Snowe tells Robert Siegel that she is talking with a potential Democratic co-sponsor for the bill and hopes to garner bipartisan support.

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