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Monday, April 5, 2010

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  • Local Support Key In Upcoming Kandahar Fight
    In Afghanistan, officials are seeking the support of local leaders in Kandahar ahead of a U.S.-led offensive to clear the Taliban out of the southern province. But many locals lack confidence in Afghan officials and Western forces, whom they blame for the recent rise in violence.
  • White House 'Frustrated' By Karzai
    "Troubling" is the word the White House is using to describe recent statements by Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The Afghan president in recent days has accused the United States of interfering in the Afghan election process. This is trouble for the U.S., which is trying to keep a united front with the Afghanistan government as military operations continue. Michele Norris talks to Elizabeth Rubin, who profiled President Karzai in the New York Times Magazine last summer.
  • Ham Radio Growing In The Age Of Twitter
    Despite Facebook, Twitter, iPhones and other cutting-edge communication technologies, an increasing number of people are staying in touch using century-old amateur radio. "It's just talking and sharing and enjoying," says ham radio newcomer Helen Schlarman, 89.
  • Tax Time: Shortcuts Vs. Paper Cuts
    TurboTax, At Home, TaxSlayer, TaxBrain -- there are many different programs available to help you do your taxes this year. Commentator Jonathan Kern says they all seem to work extremely well. But it's these shortcuts that have him worried. We may be trading convenience for valuable information.
  • Iran's Influence Palpable In Post-Election Iraq
    Iraq's elections last month left no clear winner, promising months of horse-trading among the Shiite, Sunni and ethnic Kurdish blocs. Iran has not been shy about asserting influence. A recent bomb attack near the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad underscores the importance of Iraq's neighbor.
  • Iran's Economic Troubles Mount As Sanctions Loom
    The dramatic political turmoil in Iran since last year's disputed presidential election has been well publicized. But less well known are the country's economy troubles. And now Iran is facing a U.S.-led effort at the United Nations Security Council to impose more economic sanctions.
  • Butler University: An NCAA Cinderella Story
    Michele Norris talks to Jim Lefko, the senior editor for sports at the Indianapolis Star, about Butler University's Cinderella appearance in the NCAA men's basketball championship game — and what it means for the school, the team and the community.
  • Gaming Degrees Grow In Popularity And Application
    Professors of computational media at Georgia Tech say that gaming technology can be used to make advancements in everything from medicine to social justice and media. The school is one of 250 colleges and universities that are catering to the growing interest in gaming degrees.
  • Shooter Jennings Sees A Bleak Future On 'Black Ribbons'
    Singer-songwriter Shooter Jennings released three country-rock records before parting ways with his Nashville-based record label. His fourth CD, Black Ribbons, is a progressive-rock concept album that looks into a not-too-distant dystopian future, and features spoken-word pieces by horror writer Stephen King.
  • Militants Attack U.S. Consulate In Pakistan
    Militants attacked the U.S. Consulate in Peshawar, Pakistan, with bombs, grenades and rocket launchers on Monday. There were no reported U.S. casualties, but several people were killed outside the consulate. Elsewhere in Pakistan, at roughly the same time, dozens were killed and many more were wounded in a suicide attack on a political rally. Michele Norris talks to Sabrina Tavernise, a reporter for the New York Times who is in Pakistan, about the attacks.

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