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Monday, March 19, 2007

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  • Bush Discusses Iraq — and Omits the 'V' Word
    Speaking on a day that marks four years since the start of the war in Iraq, President Bush says the security crackdown in Baghdad is showing signs of progress. The president asked the American people for patience, saying that success "will take months, not days or weeks."
  • Poll of Iraqis Finds Less Support, More Violence
    On the fourth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq, ABC News and other media partners have released a poll of public opinions among Iraqis. The poll demonstrates the widespread impact of violence in the country and shows a majority of Iraqis say they are worse off now than under Saddam.
  • Detainee Attash Admits to Cole, Embassy Bombings
    According to a Pentagon transcript, Waleed bin Attash has confessed to plotting the bomb attack on the USS Cole near Yemen in 2000. Attash also admits to planning the bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa in 1998, according to the document.
  • In New Orleans, a Mix of Revitalized and Languishing
    Some neighborhoods in eastern New Orleans are well on their way to a comeback. Others show some of the least activity of any city neighborhoods. Why do some neighborhoods thrive while others languish?
  • Southwest Opposes Passenger Bill of Rights
    Southwest Airlines opposes a federal Passenger Bill of Rights. The company figures that a good airline manages its flights in a way that would never leave passengers stuck for hours on an icy runway. And if bad airlines do, it means more customers for Southwest.
  • Gates, Community Boost Seattle Health Groups
    Global health has become a booming activity in Seattle. Both its nonprofit and for-profit companies are benefiting from the largesse of the Gates Foundation. But the region's interest in global health began decades ago, fueled by, among other things, a collaborative spirit.
  • Hear That? That's the Sound of Clean
    Listener Alex Lips submits a SoundClip from his job at Unilever. He listens to the sound of soap on skin — just one of the factors, he says, that goes into designing pleasing products.
  • Snow Doughnuts Are the Real Thing
    At first glance, a snow doughnut may look like a man-made creation. But Mike Stanford, who snapped a photo of one in Washington state, assures Robert Siegel that snow doughnuts are real — but rare — natural occurences.
  • Senate Bids for a Say in U.S. Attorney Process
    The Senate debates revoking a section of the Patriot Act reauthorization that allows the president to appoint new U.S. attorneys without going through Congress. Democrats question whether the White House planned eight dismissals when it sought the change.
  • Senate Subpoenas vs. Executive Privilege
    Sen. Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has said he will subpoena White House officials if they do not agree to testify about the U.S. attorneys scandal. The White House has yet to comment on whether Karl Rove or Harriet Miers would testify.

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