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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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  • At Japanese Plant, Four Reactors Now Involved
    There was a third explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant Tuesday — at yet a third reactor. Officials also revealed there was a fire. That makes four reactors now involved. Experts are still struggling to understand the cause of an explosion and also a fire at the badly damaged nuclear reactor complex in Japan. A significant pulse of radioactive gas went into the atmosphere as a result of these events — though the levels have since subsided according to Japanese officials. Japan has evacuated residents within 12 miles of the plant as a precaution. Michele Norris talks to NPR's Richard Harris, who has the latest from Tokyo about the nuclear reactor crisis in Japan.
  • Explainer: What Are Spent Fuel Rods?
    During a nuclear reaction, fuel rods generate a tremendous amount of heat. After most of the fuel has been used, the rods are removed from the reactor and kept in a separate cooling pool nearby. Problems cooling these pools have officials worried that the spent rods could overheat and melt.
  • International Group Provides Aid In Japan
    Robert Siegel speaks to Lasse Petersen, international director of one of the many relief agencies trying to help in Japan. It's called Shelter Box, and it distributes boxes of aid to families who are displaced. Each box contains blankets, cooking equipment, and a tent for as many as 10 people. Petersen joins us from Tokyo. He's just returned from Sendai, and he'll return there after picking up more supplies in Tokyo.
  • Intel CEO: 'Tax Holiday' Could Create More Jobs
    Paul Otellini says the U.S. needs to do more than attract more investment and the right kind of human capital to spur job growth. To compete with Asia, he says, the government needs to give companies more tax incentives to build factories.
  • Libya Puts 'Al-Qaida Affiliate' On Stage
    Libya's government has been insisting it's not at war with its own people. Officials claim Islamist radicals from outside Libya are behind the uprising. And Tuesday, they set out to prove it — showing journalists a prisoner whose story neatly fits the profile the government has been highlighting.
  • Egypt Moves Ahead With Vote Despite Concerns
    Egypt's military rulers are charging ahead with a referendum scheduled for Saturday that will determine who can run for president. The referendum is widely opposed by the leaders of the country's revolution. "Why rush at the expense of democracy?" asks Mohamed ElBaradei.
  • GOP Calls To Overhaul Social Security Grow Louder
    The Republican push to shake up the nation's premier retirement program is part of a larger effort to rein in deficit spending. They want Democrats — and especially President Obama — to join their cause, and share whatever political pain may come with it.
  • The Road To An American 'El Sistema'
    A free program provides music education for hundreds of thousands of youth in Venezuela. Now, music educators are trying to bring the system to the U.S.
  • DVD Picks: 'Waste Land'
    Bob Mondello's DVD pick this week is Waste Land, a documentary about transforming trash into a mammoth art project. It was recently nominated for an Academy Award.
  • Japanese Flee Area Near Nuclear Power Plant
    After another explosion was reported at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan's prime minister announced that those living within about a 20-mile radius should stay inside their homes. But many did the exact opposite: They packed their cars or got into buses — and headed west.

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