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Monday, March 12, 2012

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Protesters gather outside a hearing roomRight-to-work bill passes Minn. Senate panel
    A Minnesota Senate panel has approved a proposed constitutional amendment to make union membership and the payment of union dues voluntary for all workers.5:20 p.m.
  • State routinely trumps city charters
    There's nothing new about the proposal to circumvent the Minneapolis City Charter to build a new Vikings Stadium. In fact, the state Legislature routinely overrides local governments and their charters.5:24 p.m.
  • Women gatheringNewcomers say it's 'nice,' but not warm
    Minnesotans may take pride in their reputation for friendliness. But the flip side of "Minnesota Nice" is a culture that keeps outsiders at a distance. Newcomers say it can be hard to adjust to the state.5:35 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Afghan Lawmakers Call For Soldier's Trial
    There was outrage in the Afghan parliament on Monday over the murders of at least 16 civilians, apparently by a single U.S. soldier near the southern city of Kandahar.
  • Afghan Prince Comments On Weekend Shootings
    Host Audie Cornish speaks with Prince Ali Seraj about the weekend shootings by a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan. Seraj is head of the National Coalition for Dialogue with the Tribes of Afghanistan and a former Afghanistan presidential candidate.
  • Seattle's 'Car Campers' Face Lack Of Parking
    There are hundreds of "car campers" in Seattle's old Ballard neighborhood. They're not homeless, as long as they can find a place to park. But that's getting harder as "no overnight parking" signs close in.
  • On Utah's 'Silicon Slopes,' Tech Jobs Get A Lift
    Thanks to tech companies, Utah generated jobs at a faster rate than any other state in the country — with the single exception of North Dakota. The outdoor life is attracting thousands of workers, but the boom is also being fed by the recruitment of top researchers and venture capital investment — a formula that helped create Silicon Valley.
  • Paging Dr. Fill: Computer Takes On Crossword Experts
    The program will be an unofficial competitor at the 35th Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in New York this week. Its creator says it solves clues in much the way humans do. But the program isn't without its flaws. One weakness: pun-filled puzzles.
  • Rethinking, Not Just Rebuilding, Japan's Northeast
    The northeast coast of Japan has an older population, fewer jobs and more tsunamis than the rest of the country. The regional economy had been declining long before last year's disaster. Many people say in order to survive, the region needs to remake itself.
  • For Russia's Troubled Space Program, Mishaps Mount
    Russia was once the world leader in space exploration, but its space program has had a costly and embarrassing string of mission failures since December 2010, including the loss of a $163 million Mars probe. Critics say the program is ill-funded and mismanaged.
  • Rescuer Of Baghdad Zoo After American Invasion Dies
    Conservationist and adventurer Lawrence Anthony, noted for rescuing the Baghdad Zoo after the 2003 American invasion of Iraq, passed away earlier this month. His brother-in-law and co-author on three books, Graham Spence, reflects on his life with Melissa Block.
  • Schuller Family Breaks Away From Crystal Cathedral
    On Saturday, Robert Schuller; his wife, Arvella; and daughter Carol said they were resigning from the board of the church he founded because of the "adversarial and negative attitude of other board members." A day later, their daughter Sheila Schuller Coleman announced she was looking for another place to preach.
  • Gospel Meets Jazz, With Unpredictable Results
    Two recent albums, from Don Byron's New Gospel Quintet and Charlie Haden and Hank Jones, offer contrasting perspectives on the intersection of two quintessentially American music styles.

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