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Monday, March 10, 2008

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  • Spitzer Doesn't Deny Tie to Prostitution Ring
    The New York Times says federal prosecutors have wiretap evidence that New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer was a client in a prostitution ring. The first-term Democrat held a news conference and did not deny the allegations.
  • Israel Suspends Raids on Gaza Militants
    After a sharp drop in rocket and mortar attacks launched from Gaza, Israeli officials say they will temporarily halt military operations against Palestinian militants. Egypt's intelligence chief is attempting to mediate a more formal cease-fire.
  • Cloudy Fate for Iraqi Sunnis Fighting Al-Qaida
    The U.S. military has set up Sunni paramilitary groups throughout Iraq to combat al-Qaida. Security has improved as a result of the effort, but the future of the forces is uncertain.
  • 'Guest Workers' Sue Mississippi Shipyard
    Workers brought over from India are suing the Mississippi shipyard Signal International, saying the company's recruiters misled and mistreated them. The dispute is the latest over a guest-worker program long decried as vulnerable to abuse.
  • Casinos Change the Face of Biloxi
    Hurricane Katrina pulverized the casinos on Mississippi's Gulf Coast, but they have recovered and are expanding. But many complain that Biloxi — once a showplace of coastal antebellum homes — is turning into a garish town.
  • Senate Panel Set to Wrap Up Iraq Probe
    The Senate Intelligence Committee will soon complete a classified report on the results of a probe into the Bush administration's path to war in Iraq. The chief question: was intelligence information properly used?
  • Composer Records Beetles to Mark Climate Change
    Milder winters linked to climate change have sparked a massive infestation of bark beetles in New Mexico. Composer David Dunn has used the sounds the beetles make in his compositions.
  • A Bit of Background on Bark Beetles
    Large infestations of the destructive bark beetle have become more frequent — and there's really no way to save trees once a large outbreak occurs. Diana Six, a professor at the University of Montana, explains why the beetle is such a problem.
  • Climate Change Prompts Debate Among Baptists
    A group of Southern Baptist leaders says the denomination has been "too timid" in addressing environmental issues. The letter may show the growing influence of a younger generation of evangelical Christians.
  • San Francisco Relives '78 for Harvey Milk Film
    There's a biopic in the works on San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, who was murdered at City Hall in 1978. So director Gus Van Sant asks San Franciscans to dress in '70s clothes and gather on Sunday for a recreation of Gay Freedom Day.

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