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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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  • Bush Endorses McCain's Candidacy for President
    President Bush has endorsed the Republican nominee-in-waiting, John McCain. The president made the announcement with McCain in the White House Rose Garden after a lunch meeting. McCain says he looks forward to campaigning with President Bush at his side, and he says the president could be helpful in states such as Texas.
  • Navigating the Texas Delegate System
    Sen. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the Texas Democratic presidential primary Tuesday night, and she eked out a 92-91 delegate victory over Sen. Barack Obama. But the caucus results are still outstanding, and Obama could well walk away with a majority of the delegates.
  • Risks for Clinton, Obama in Defeating Each Other
    The momentum in the Democratic presidential contest swung in a new direction Tuesday with Hillary Clinton's big wins in Ohio and Texas. But as the fight for the nomination goes on, Clinton risks alienating the black and young voters as well as losing the excitement that Barack Obama has brought to the campaign, and Obama risks his halo.
  • Congress Grills Air Force over Airbus Deal
    Congress summoned top Air Force officials Tuesday to defend the decision to purchase French-built Airbus air tankers. The decision by the Air Force has most of Congress fuming, with some members demanding that the Air Force rescind its offer to EADS-Northrop.
  • Spain Fights Fla. Treasure Hunters' Shipwreck Claim
    Lawyers for Spain and a treasure hunting company based in Tampa, Fla., square off in federal court over what may be the most valuable shipwreck ever found. Spain believes the half-billion dollars in silver and gold coins may be its property and that the company that recovered it is withholding information that may show that to be the case.
  • GM Official: Hydrogen-Powered Cars Impractical
    General Motors and Toyota officials are expressing doubts about how soon people will be driving hydrogen-powered cars. Speaking at an auto show in Geneva, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz indicated that fuel cells are still too expensive to be practical for most consumers.
  • Americans Using Less Gasoline
    For the first time in years, people in America are buying a little less gasoline. Analysts say it may be a sign that high prices and a slowing economy are beginning to change people's driving habits. So far in 2008, consumption has fallen about half a percent.
  • Klamath River Dams' Removal Hinges on Owner
    The endless wrangling over the rights to water from California's second-largest river may finally be over. The deal hinges on the destruction of four hydroelectric dams along the Klamath River. If they come down, it will be the largest dam removal in U.S. history. Will the dams' owner cave to pressure from all sides?
  • Grand Canyon Flush Aims to Revive Colorado River
    The Grand Canyon will get a bath Wednesday — literally. The federal government hopes a 60-hour, controlled flood will help revitalize the Colorado River and replenish backwaters for several of the river's endangered species.
  • Roomful of Blues Raises a 'Ruckus'
    Roomful of Blues has been around for 40 years, with a rotating cast of nearly 50 musicians. Trombonist Rich Lataille and guitarist Chris Vachon talk about playing for the people on the dance floor, writing songs and schooling the next generation.

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