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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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  • Bernanke Sees No Recession, but Big Challenge
    Visiting Congress to provide an update on the struggling U.S. economy, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said he expects very slow growth in 2008, but no recession. Bernanke is trying to avoid a recession while keeping a lid on inflation. But so far, he's not getting much help. Inflation is up sharply, and housing prices keep falling.
  • Putting a Stopper in All the 'Stagflation' Talk
    Robert Siegel talks with Robert Samuelson, a contributing editor to Newsweek magazine, about the term "stagflation," which is being tossed around a lot by economic commentators these days. Samuelson says it's being misused. The term stagflation has historically meant not only a mixture of high inflation and high unemployment, but "the persistence of this poisonous combination over long periods of time."
  • Yes, We Take Euros: Riding a Currency Shift
    As the value of the dollar plunges against the euro, some merchants in New York City are accepting the foreign currency instead — especially in areas rich with tourists and European visitors.
  • Bombing Probe Leads to Iraqi Psychiatric Hospital
    U.S. officials are investigating whether the director of a psychiatric hospital in Baghdad was involved with two suicide bombers who killed nearly 100 people in February. Fear that insurgents are using mentally ill Iraqis has swept the hospital.
  • Iraqi Shiite Women Share Sorrow, Joy at Arbaeen
    Shiite Muslims across the Middle East and Asia are marking the "Arbaeen" — the end of the annual mourning period for the death of Imam Hussein, the revered Shiite saint. While millions make the pilgrimage to Karbala, Iraq, a group of women in Baghdad gather for a smaller ceremony.
  • Gates Urges Turkey to Get Out of Iraq
    Defense Secretary Robert Gates is calling on Turkey to end its incursion into Northern Iraq. Thousands of Turkish troops entered Iraq last Thursday to target Kurdish separatist guerrillas who operate along Iraq's mountainous border with Turkey.
  • McCain, Obama Trade Barbs, in Possible Preview
    Those watching the 2008 electoral process could be forgiven for thinking the general election for president has already begun. In strong and mocking tones, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama criticized each other's positions on Iraq. Their statements could be a preview of what's to come if they become the nominees of their respective parties.
  • Cunningham Renounces McCain After 'Hussein' Flap
    John McCain denounced remarks that Bill Cunningham made at a rally for the Republican senator, in which the radio host repeatedly referred to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama by using his middle name, Hussein. Cunningham has since renounced his support for Senator McCain.
  • Letters: Orchestra in N. Korea, NATO, New Orleans
    Melissa Block and Robert Siegel read from listeners' responses to yesterday's program — including our reports on the New York Philharmonic in North Korea, NAFTA's effects in Ohio, and a doctor in New Orleans.
  • China Seen Missing Rights Mark Ahead of Games
    Less than six months before the Olympics begin, host country China is facing a crescendo of criticism that it is not honoring its pledge to improve human rights ahead of the Games. Analysts say any major political reforms or amnesty for political prisoners is unlikely.

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