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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Betty McCollum, Michele BachmannReps. Bachmann, McCollum paired in new 4th District
    A special court panel's new maps of Minnesota congressional districts would throw incumbent Reps. Michele Bachmann and Betty McCollum into the same district.5:20 p.m.
  • Workers at the Sabo bridgeDamaged bridge deals Metro commuters a day of disruption
    As city workers assess the safety of a damaged bridge, frustrated commuters deal with another day of service disruptions on the Hiawatha Light Rail.5:25 p.m.
  • NikeeJS at the mikeNikeeJS raps in praise of small town life
    Rapper NikeeJS began recording rhymes when he was 14 years old. Back then, his lyrics relied mostly on rap staples like Beamers and bling. Twelve years later, you might say the Jackson, Minnesota musician has flipped the script. Today, he draws more inspiration from cornfields than Cristal.5:51 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Even When Employed, Health Care A Challenge
    A little more than a year ago, NPR launched the Road Back to Work series, following six people in St. Louis who started 2011 unemployed and were searching for work. Like so many Americans, the people we followed have had difficulty getting health coverage, even after returning to work.
  • Russian Scientists Clone Ancient Arctic Plant
    Audie Cornish speaks with Grant Zazula, a paleontologist for the government of Yukon, about the cloning of an ancient Arctic plant by Russian scientists. He says he was skeptical at first, but is confident the experiment has been a success.
  • Supreme Court Wades Into Affirmative Action Issue
    By agreeing to hear a case on admissions at the University of Texas, the newly energized conservative majority on the high court signaled it may be willing to severely cut back on the use of racial preferences.
  • The Big Squeeze: Calif. Weight Loss Clinics Under Investigation
    The 1-800-GET-THIN marketing campaign and its affiliated surgical centers, which implant the Lap-Band for weight-loss, are being investigated by local, state and federal authorities. At least three wrongful death lawsuits have been filed and the Department of Insurance has launched an investigation into allegations of insurance fraud.
  • Some Greeks Wary Of Bailout Deal, Dread Austerity
    European leaders saved Greece from a messy default — and a possible exit from the Eurozone — by finalizing a second bailout, with loans amounting to around $170 million. Greek politicians are celebrating for now, but most Greeks are filled with dread. They fear the new austerity measures will drag out the recession — which is in its fifth year — and continue to push up unemployment, which is already more than 21 percent overall.
  • Twitter Diplomacy: State Department 2.0
    Diplomacy in the age of social media is transforming the way ambassadors do their jobs. From tweets to Facebook posts, the State Department is encouraging ambassadors to get their messages out in new and different ways.
  • Will Life After 'Lin' Change NBA Recruiting?
    The New York Knicks lost to New Jersey Monday night, but sudden NBA sensation Jeremy Lin had another strong game with 21 points. Lin has been racking up big numbers since exploding on the scene a few weeks ago. The Knicks have won all but two games during that stretch. Did scouts miss a diamond in the rough, did Lin take full advantage of a unique situation — or was it both? And will his performance hasten the emergence of other "Jeremy Lin"s in the league?
  • Harvard Grad, Cello Player: The 'Other' Jeremy Lin
    We hear from a non-basketball-playing Harvard grad named Jeremy Lin, who has to deal with the fact that a classmate with the same name is now an NBA star.
  • From Waterfall To Lavafall: Yosemite's Fleeting Phenomenon
    If you head to Yosemite National Park this time of year and stop by Horsetail Fall at just the right time, you might see something awesome: As the sun sets, the waterfall glows with streaks of gold and yellow — and it looks just like molten lava.
  • A 'Giant Anthology' Of Profile Records, Rap's Early Champion
    Profile Records never meant to get into the rap game, but the label launched the careers of groups like Run-D.M.C.

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