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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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  • Lack Of TARP-2 Details Pushes Dow Down
    The Obama administration unveiled its overhaul of the financial rescue plan, but critical details were missing. Investors weren't pleased and the Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 300 points.
  • Merrill Toxic Asset Sale May Present Model
    Last year, private-equity firm Lone Star Funds bought up nearly $6.7 billion of Merrill Lynch's credit debt obligations at 22 cents on the dollar. Could that be the private model the Treasury Department wants others to duplicate? Simon Johnson, a professor at MIT and a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, offers his insight.
  • Vatican Roiled By Outrage Over Holocaust Denier
    A decision by Pope Benedict XVI to welcome four ultratraditionalist bishops back into the Catholic Church — including one who denies the Holocaust happened — has sparked a global outcry from Jews and unprecedented criticism from many Catholics. The outrage is especially intense in the pope's native Germany and in Austria.
  • Calif. Judges Order Prisoners Released
    A panel of federal judges said Monday California must release tens of thousands of prison inmates to relieve overcrowding. The ruling was prompted by several cases in which inmates have died or committed suicide due to poor conditions.
  • Leavenworth, Kan., Eyes Guantanamo Warily
    Leavenworth, Kan., has four big penitentiaries, including the Defense Department's only maximum-security prison. Many view that facility as the obvious choice to house detainees held at Guantanamo Bay. Some town leaders are against the transfer, but others see economic opportunity.
  • Expert: Ahmadinejad's Tone Shifts As Election Nears
    In a speech Tuesday, the Iranian president said the country is prepared to talk with the new Obama administration, in an atmosphere of "mutual respect." Hamid Dabashi, a professor of Iranian studies at Columbia, says the speech was essentially a campaign address.
  • Roset Melamed, An Iranian Beauty Queen
    The Tehran that Roset Melamed remembers is not the same one in the news today. A former Miss Iran, Melamed spent her youth ice skating and learning martial arts. Nothing prepared her for a revolution that would make her feel unsafe in her own neighborhood.
  • Fallout From Peanut Contamination Hurts Farmers
    Salmonella contamination traced back to a Georgia peanut processing plant has sickened nearly 600 people in 44 states. Peanut farmers, who say they had nothing to do with the contamination, are feeling the pinch as people buy fewer peanut products.
  • In New York, A-Rod Faces Fresh Scrutiny
    Even in the best of times, many New York Yankee fans have ambivalent feelings about slugger Alex Rodriguez. His personal life and performance in big games is constant tabloid fodder. Now that he has admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs, he will be under the spotlight as never before.
  • Brewery Business Hopping Despite Tanking Economy
    Beer sales in the U.S. are going strong despite the lagging economy. Both small breweries and large breweries alike are struggling to keep up with demand as consumers are drinking at home more.

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