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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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  • Media Reports Reveal CIA's Drone Base In Saudi Arabia
    The details of a secret U.S. drone base in Saudi Arabia, used to launch targeted killings and surveillance missions into Yemen, were revealed Wednesday in several American media outlets. Audie Cornish speaks with Karen DeYoung, national security correspondent for The Washington Post, who authored one of the articles on the program
  • U.S., Afghanistan At Odds Over Weapons Wish List
    As the 2014 deadline looms for the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, there's a debate over what kind of military hardware the U.S. will provide in its wake. Afghanistan wants tanks and planes for conventional warfare. But the U.S. says the Afghans need to focus on counterinsurgency.
  • Bank Robberies On The Decline As Risk Outweighs The Rewards
    Audie Cornish talks to Jack Nicas, staff reporter at the Wall Street Journal, and why bank robberies have been on the decline.
  • For Greeks, Painful Cuts Keep Tearing At The Social Fabric
    Three years of austerity measures are hitting ordinary Greeks hard. Unemployment is nearly 27 percent and rising, and the once dependable safety net of welfare benefits is being pulled in. Further cutbacks and tax hikes are about to kick in.
  • Monopoly Fans Dump Iron Token For New Cat Piece
    The board game Monopoly will no longer include the iron token. After a month of voting, fans have chosen a cat as its replacement. Players will start seeing the new feline visitor on their Monopoly boards by fall of this year.
  • Even In Blue Minnesota, Gun Control Seems A Tough Sell
    Minnesota has a Democratic governor, two Democratic senators, and Democrats control both houses of its Legislature. President Obama went there to rally support for his proposals to reduce gun violence. But even in Minnesota, there's considerable resistance to placing further restrictions on guns.
  • Debate Rages On Even As Research Ban On Gun Violence Ends
    President Obama has ordered an end to a 16-year-old ban on federal funding of research on guns and health. But the political controversy that led to the ban in the first place is far from over.
  • Virginia Proposes Alternative Currency In Case Of Federal Reserve Collapse
    Robert Siegel speaks to Virginia Delegate Robert Marshall about why he feels that the commonwealth needs to have other currency available in case anything happens to the Federal Reserve System.
  • Letters: Hand Dryers
    Audie Cornish and Robert Siegel read emails from listeners about hand dryers.
  • The 'Ancient Vibration' Of Parlor Music, Revived By Two Generations
    A voice from a bygone era, Lena Hughes was never very famous outside of her native Missouri. The only album she ever recorded has been saved from near-oblivion, and it acts as a kind of time capsule.

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