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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • In the LoopIn the Loop: Super Tuesday fever
    "In The Loop" and host Jeff Horwich gathered an audience in the UBS Forum this week to explore what's resonating with younger voters as Super Tuesday approaches. Why is Barack Obama experiencing such appeal with voters under 30? Is there a generational effect on the Republican side?4:35 p.m.
  • Clearing outWhat areas of our economy are hurting?
    Minnesota is seeing big job losses in some of its key industrial sectors. Several of the industries getting hit the hardest have ties to the housing market, and layoffs are on the rise.5:19 p.m.
  • Dr. Jon HallbergDr. Jon Hallberg: Cholesterol medications may not work as makers claim
    MPR's Tom Crann talks to Dr. Jon Hallberg about the efficacy of Lipitor and other cholesterol-reducing drugs.5:23 p.m.
  • Housing for artistsIRS challenges low-income artist lofts
    Starting this year, artists may have a harder time finding places to live and work for cheap. A new IRS ruling says low-income artist lofts are not in compliance with federal tax regulations.6:24 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • With Edwards Out, Clinton and Obama Face Off
    Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama debate Thursday for the first time since their bitter contest in South Carolina — and for the first time without John Edwards. Edwards withdrew from the presidential race Wednesday, but he has yet to endorse another candidate.
  • McCain Wins Schwarzenegger's Endorsement
    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday endorsed John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination, saying the Arizona senator has been a crusader for protecting the economy and the environment.
  • The Road to Super Tuesday: Mo., Colo., Ga., Ill.
    In advance of Super Tuesday, we've sent four reporters to four of the key states voting Feb. 5 to offer a snapshot at what's on voters' minds. Jason Beaubien reports from Missouri, Jeff Brady is in Colorado, Kathy Lohr checks in from Georgia, and David Schaper joins us from Illinois.
  • Airline Executives' Rich Bonuses Rile Pilots Union
    American Airlines is in the middle of difficult contract negotiations with its pilots union. Four years ago, the airline's unions took large salary cuts to keep it from going bankrupt. Now executives are receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses, and that has infuriated the company's rank-and-file employees.
  • Britney's 'Meltdown' Inspires New Ballet
    Pop icon Britney Spears' story is now the subject of a new modern ballet. Meltdown premieres Friday night in London and traces the rise and fall of the singer and tabloid favorite. According to the show's choreographer, he was inspired by every detail of Spears' life and how her story had become a "modern tragedy."
  • U.S. Tries for Better Conditions at Iraq Prison Camp
    The American military is trying to improve conditions at Camp Bucca, a prison camp in southern Iraq, including its family visitation program. They see the effort as an opportunity to win over the most disaffected Iraqis and the people closest to them.
  • Tracing the Roots of Ethnic Violence in Kenya
    The month of ethnic bloodletting in Kenya has historic roots. Grievances over land and privilege date back decades. And the dispute over last month's presidential election has aggravated those tensions in deadly ways.
  • Letters: Edwards, Floating Homes, Negro League
    Michele Norris reads listeners' e-mails, including responses to our analysis of John Edwards' withdrawal from the presidential race, floating houses in Holland, and a kid's book on Negro League Baseball.
  • Has Hollywood Helped Pave Way for Obama?
    Racial and gender barriers have already been broken at the White House — well, at least in Hollywood. But if voters have seen a black man as president on the screen, are they more likely to elect one in real life?
  • The Best Reality Show on TV: Presidential Race
    Ty Burr can't stop watching reality TV. And he says the show with the craziest plot twists, the nuttiest characters and the biggest payoff is what he's dubbed "Primary Reality." It's on at all hours, on almost every channel. And everyone else is watching, too. It also happens to be the race for the presidency of the United States.

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