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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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  • Romney Delivers Economic Speech
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaigned in Florida Tuesday. He delivered an economic speech from a shuttered factory — a studied contrast to the president's State of the Union speech later Tuesday night.
  • Gingrich Works To Gain Support In Florida
    While Mitt Romney was focused on the president's speech Tuesday, Newt Gingrich was mostly focused on the task at hand: next Tuesday's Republican primary. Addressing a crowd jammed into the booths at St. Petersberg's Tick Tock Restaurant Tuesday morning, the former speaker referred back to Romney's aggressive attacks at Monday night's debate.
  • Gingrich Brought Change And Controversy As Speaker
    Robert Siegel speaks to Janet Hook of the Wall Street Journal about Newt Gingrich's time as speaker of the House. Hook covered those years as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. When Gingrich became speaker, he brought a tremendous change to the House and the Republican Party. But he caused a lot of trouble for his rank and file. In 1997, there was a secret attempt to overthrow him as speaker by a group of "back benchers," who thought he was flying off the handle. They wanted a conventional leader, and he kept doing things on his own, without telling people. They felt he was not leading with a steady hand.
  • For China's 'Left-Behind Kids,' A Free Lunch
    Shocked by the poverty he saw on a reporting trip, a Chinese journalist set up a program to provide meals to 25,000 poor children in rural China, many of whom suffer from malnutrition. Indirectly, his efforts have prompted the government to ramp up its efforts to feed the country's most vulnerable.
  • Fox Plans Spanish-Language Network
    Fox is getting into the lucrative Spanish-language TV market in the U.S. It is putting together a broadcast network that will begin airing this fall.
  • Same-Sex Marriage May Hinge On Supreme Court
    Three states are set to consider legalization while two states will vote on a constitutional ban. All the while, legal challenges are pushing the issue closer to getting an opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court. "Some of the justices don't like to have the law be too far ahead of where the public is," says one opponent.
  • After Labor Law Defeat, Ohio's Kasich Pushes Forward
    In just one year in office, Ohio Gov. John Kasich made some big changes in his state, based on his conservative, business-backed ideas. But he also suffered a massive defeat when the collective bargaining reform law he supported was overwhelmingly rejected by voters. But that's not stopping him from pushing forward with new ideas in his second year.
  • Common Chemicals Could Make Kids' Vaccines Less Effective
    Researchers found that children whose blood contained high levels of chemicals used in nonstick coatings and stain-resistant fabrics were less responsive to vaccination. The finding suggests, but doesn't prove, that these chemicals may make some children more vulnerable to infectious diseases.
  • 'Hugo,' 'The Artist' Garner The Most Oscar Attention
    Academy Award nominations were announced Tuesday morning. Hugo got the most nominations, followed by The Artist. Melissa Block talks to NPR film critic Bob Mondello.
  • Bhi Bhiman: Penetrating Melodies, Striking Vocals
    The second-generation Sri Lankan-American is an accomplished guitarist and a natural bluesman.

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