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Friday, January 19, 2007

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  • Ney to Serve 2.5 Years in Abramoff Bribery Scandal
    Former Ohio Rep. Bob Ney is sentenced to serve two and a half years in prison for his part in a bribery scandal still roiling the ranks of members and lobbyists in a wide-ranging corruption probe. Over four years, Ney took bribes; vacationed on others' tab; and gambled with other people's money.
  • Presidential Race Comes Early to Primary States
    Michele Norris talks with three newspaper writers and editors about how the presidential race is shaping up in early primary states: Molly Ball of the Las Vegas Review Journal, David Yepsen of The Des Moines Register and Felice Belman of The Concord Monitor.
  • India's Hindus Celebrate Kumbh Mela
    Many millions of Hindus are gathered along the shores of their holiest river, the Ganges, in one of the world's largest religious gatherings, the Kumbh Mela. Over a few weeks, up to 70 million Hindus swim in the chilly waters — many of them on what India's astrologers deem to be "auspicious" bathing days.
  • A Radio Debut: Three Fish, Three Sounds
    Listener Carol Johnston called our SoundClips line to tell us about her work with fish acoustics at the fisheries department of Auburn University in Alabama. We hear recordings of minnows, darters and sturgeon. These are the debuts on the radio of these three fishes.
  • Immigrants Held in U.S. Often Kept in Squalor
    Some non-U.S. citizens detained by the government for violating immigration laws are kept in rat-infested, cramped cells, fed noxious food and denied basic hygiene items such as clean socks and underpants. So says a new report from the Homeland Security Department's inspector general.
  • Newest Weapons on Display at Marine West
    The 15th annual Marine West Military Weapons Exposition took place this week at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, Calif. It's an opportunity for defense contractors to show off their latest wares to those who depend on the equipment and information they provide the Marines. Alison St. John of member station KPBS reports.
  • A Priest Dispenses Blessings on Mexico's Cars
    A drive on the roads in Mexico is not an experience that's easily forgotten. There are no enforced speed limits; instead, drivers must navigate bumpy roads and corrupt cops. Many drivers are looking for divine intervention. In the town of Chalma, drivers bring hundreds of cars every weekend to be blessed by a priest at a Catholic church.
  • A Game Away: Four Teams Vie for Super Bowl
    This weekend's National Football League playoffs will determine who plays in the Super Bowl. The games pit the Chicago Bears against the New Orleans Saints in the NFC, and the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots in the AFC. Michele Norris talks with Wall Street Journal sportswriter Stefan Fatsis.
  • As Saints Near the Super Bowl, New Orleans Is Abuzz
    From a New Orleans neighborhood lunch spot, Molly Peterson hears football fans' soaring hopes for their Saints in the playoff game Sunday.
  • Iraq Study Group Co-Chair Testifies on Bush's Plan
    Former Rep. Lee Hamilton of Indiana, co-chairman of the Iraq Study Group, attends congressional hearings into the war in Iraq, its conduct and its future. The Senate is expected to adopt a resolution next week opposing President Bush's plan for a troop build-up in Baghdad.

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