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Thursday, January 17, 2008

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  • Obama Takes Swipe at Clinton's Economic Plan
    Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) knows that people across the country are struggling, and his mix of tax cuts and direct spending — not his rival, New York Democrat Sen. Hillary Clinton's plan — will give the economy a fast-acting fix, he said.
  • Thompson Outlines Economic Plans, Defends Style
    Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson says the economy is headed in the wrong direction, with unemployment up to 5 percent nationwide and the consumer credit market tightening. In an NPR interview, he outlines his economic plans and defends his campaign style.
  • Climate Change Tests L.A.'s Conservation Success
    A change in climate will herald a shift in how Southern California gets its water. Less snow and more rain in the Sierras will force the region to change its methods. Los Angeles is already ahead of the game.
  • Co-Creator of Frisbee and Hula Hoop Dies at 82
    Richard Knerr co-founded Wham-O, the Pasadena, Calif., toy company responsible for turning the Hula Hoop, Frisbee and many other ingenious creations into iconic toys. Knerr died Monday in southern California at age 82, leaving behind a legacy of fun.
  • Candidates Don't Fit Carolinians' Conservative Mold
    The South Carolina GOP primary is just days away, but many Republican voters still haven't made up their minds about whom to support. They find that most of the candidates don't fit in to the traditional conservative mold.
  • Letters: Lone Ranger, Tonto and UFOs
    Melissa Block and Robert Siegel read from listener e-mails, which include comments on Robert Siegel's story on The Lone Ranger. Some listeners enjoyed hearing the familiar William Tell Overture, while others were curious about the origins of the name Tonto. We also got mail about UFO sightings in Texas — from skeptics, believers and scientists.
  • Does 'Superior Mirage' Explain Texas UFO Reports?
    Many listeners wrote in about Wade Goodwyn's story on UFO sightings in Texas, and one pointed out that we missed a teaching opportunity about superior mirage phenomenon. Robert Siegel talks with Christine Pulliam, a spokeswoman for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, to find out more.
  • Actress Swinton Moves from Art House to Hollywood
    Scottish actress Tilda Swinton was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her portrayal of a slowly unraveling lawyer in Michael Clayton. But Swinton spent the early part of her career making art-house films.
  • Bernanke Urges Quick Action to Boost Economy
    President Bush and Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke have both endorsed the idea of a stimulus package for the economy. Bernanke said at a House Budget Committee hearing that if Congress is going to act, it should do so quickly and make sure its actions are temporary. The president said he'll lay out his plan Friday.
  • Candidates Talk Economy in Foreclosure-Prone Nev.
    When Nevada moved its caucuses up to January, the idea was to prompt debate on Western issues, such as water and energy. Instead, with the state facing the nation's highest home foreclosure rate and higher-than-average unemployment, the economy has been the No. 1 issue.

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