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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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  • Obama Weighs Tax On Big Banks
    The Obama administration is debating a fee on big banks designed to ensure that the federal government recoups its investment in the financial bailout. Details are scarce as the complicated levy is debated, but the politics are perfectly clear: President Obama needs to take a stand with Main Street as Wall Street hands out lavish executive bonuses.
  • N.Y. Fed Under Scrutiny Over AIG Bailout Decisions
    The insurance giant AIG got a $180 billion bailout from the government, and many were infuriated that it paid out bonuses earlier this year. On the other hand, it is now losing senior management because of a $500,000 compensation cap. And the New York Federal Reserve has evidently told AIG not to discuss payments that were made with federal bailout funds to its own trading partners — that's generally taken to mean Goldman Sachs. Diane Brady, senior editor at Business Week, talks to Robert Siegel about the latest developments.
  • Ex-Gang Members Take Bang Out Of L.A. Crime
    The City of Angels — once full of drive-by shootings — is the safest it has been in 50 years, according to crime statistics. The rates for murders and violent offenses have dropped dramatically, despite the economic downturn. Part of the credit goes to gang interventionists and past troublemakers who have changed their ways.
  • 4 U.K. Men Face Precedent-Setting Non-Jury Trial
    For the past 400 years, all criminal trials in Britain have taken place in front of a jury. But Tuesday, that precedent was broken as a trial began before only a judge for four men accused of a major robbery at Heathrow Airport. Recent legislation allows non-jury trials in exceptional circumstances. And in this case, the police convinced a higher court that there had been attempts to intimidate or bribe potential jurors.
  • In England, Cold Snap Brings Back Skating Tradition
    Malcolm Robinson, the secretary of the Fenland Skating Center in England, talks to NPR's Melissa Block about how the cold weather in Europe is helping bring back the tradition of skating on frozen fens.
  • Groups Recruiting Well-Educated Terrorists
    Robert Siegel talks to Reza Aslan, author of the book How to Win a Cosmic War: God, Globalization and the End of the War on Terror, about why some of the jihadists who are attempting to carry out attacks against the U.S. are intelligent and well-educated.
  • Jordan Caught Between An Ally And Its People
    The recent attack by a Jordanian suicide bomber on a CIA base in Afghanistan revealed the depth of the cooperation between the two allies. But even though the Jordanian government is pro-Western, anti-American sentiment runs high in the desert kingdom.
  • In Leno Shake-Up, 'Southland' Lost Its Home On NBC
    Regrets are in no short supply at NBC after the disastrous schedule shift that put Jay Leno in prime time. The true losers, says Hollywood Reporter's Andrew Wallenstein, were the fans of Southland, which NBC canceled two weeks shy of the second-season premier. But the show has a new home — on cable's TNT.
  • Monsanto GMO Ignites Big Seed War
    Monsanto's Roundup Ready gene inoculates plants against a herbicide that kills everything but the crop. Monsanto's critics claim that the company has used this technology to gain a monopolistic grip on the seed industry. The company has drawn lawsuits from competitors and investigations from state attorneys general and the Justice Department.
  • Strongman Joe Rollino Dies At 104
    Joe Rollino was once known as the world's strongest man. And at the age of 104, he was no longer bending steel, but he was still taking daily walks in his Brooklyn neighborhood. Rollino died Monday after being hit by a van on one of those walks.

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