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Select A Candidate is intended to help you think about the issues and introduce you to the candidates' positions. We have detailed information about each candidate's stand on key issues under the "Candidate Positions" tab, and we encourage you to learn more about each of them before deciding whom to vote for. There is no scientific value to the cumulative results shown below, and Minnesota Public Radio does not claim they are representative of the electorate. MPR updates the survey throughout the campaign and resets the cumulative results from time to time.

Candidates ranked by average of matches overall

Betty McCollum
Betty McCollum
Ed Matthews
Ed Matthews

Issue importance selected by people taking the survey

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Very Important 

Energy policy
1% 60% 39%
Universal health care
2% 62% 36%
4% 61% 35%
Same-sex marriage
6% 60% 34%
Iraq War
1% 67% 32%
Social Security
4% 75% 21%
Capital punishment
7% 75% 18%
5% 77% 18%
Stem cell research
8% 74% 18%