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Candidate Positions on Immigration

The following positions reflect those used for each candidate in the Select A Candidate survey. They come from the candidates; public statements, Web sites, and responses to Minnesota Public Radio questionnaires. In some cases, candidiates have failed to respond to inquiries, and their position is noted as "No known opinion."

Question: What is your stance on immigration?
Glen MenzeGlen Menze ANSWER OPTION: We need to control who is coming here and why. We need to control our borders with Canada and Mexico. Stopping any more illegal immigration must be a priority. For those who are here illegally we must develop a system for them to go home and apply for legal immigration.
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: Glen Menze Campaign (More Info)

Collin PetersonCollin Peterson ANSWER OPTION: I support measures to secure our borders including a border fence along the U.S.-Mexico border and by supporting the Minuteman Project.
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: Peterson voted Yes on two amendments to the above effects. (More Info)