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Candidate Positions on Immigration issues

The following positions reflect those used for each candidate in the Select A Candidate survey. They come from the candidates; public statements, Web sites, and responses to Minnesota Public Radio questionnaires. In some cases, candidiates have failed to respond to inquiries, and their position is noted as "No known opinion."

Question: What is your stance on immigration?
John KlineJohn Kline ANSWER OPTION: I support the security approach; using systematic border surveillance through more effective use of personnel and technology and physical infrastructure enhancements to prevent unlawful border entry.
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: Kline voted YES on building a fence along the Mexican border and well as enacts other measures to increase security along U.S. borders. (More Info)

Steve SarviSteve Sarvi ANSWER OPTION: Our nation needs secure borders and reasonable policies about who can come into our country and under what circumstances.
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: There are currently about 12 million immigrants residing in the United States illegally. If nothing changes, this number will increase by 500,000 per year. Clearly, with these kinds of numbers, we need comprehensive reform, not piecemeal measures like walls and fences -- which our nation used to be known for tearing down, not building up. We cannot round up and send home millions of people. And men and women who come to the U.S. for minimum-wage jobs will not be able to pay thousands of dollars in penalties or fees to stay. (More Info)