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Candidate Positions on Gas tax

Read the full responses from candidates below. “Answer option” is the choice given in the quiz, and “Candidate’s position” shows the candidate’s response to MPR News.

Question: Would you favor an increase in the federal gasoline tax to pay for road construction projects, such as the rebuilding of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis.
Dean BarkleyDean Barkley ANSWER OPTION: Yes
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: There is no free lunch when it comes to roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure. The gas tax needs to keep pace with inflation in order to ensure we have the funds to prevent infrastructure catastrophes like the Interstate 35-W bridge collapse.

Norm ColemanNorm Coleman ANSWER OPTION: No
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: After the collapse of the 35W bridge, Rep. Jim Oberstar proposed increasing the gasoline tax. Sen. Norm Coleman said he is not ready to accept the idea. Coleman said the problem isn't a shortage of funds, but how the funds are spent. (More Info)

Al FrankenAl Franken ANSWER OPTION: Not sure.
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: At a DFL Senate candidate debate on October 5, 2007, Franken said he was unsure of the notion of raising the gas tax. (More Info)