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Candidate Positions on Social Security

The following positions reflect those used for each candidate in the Select A Candidate survey. They come from the candidates; public statements, Web sites, and responses to Minnesota Public Radio questionnaires. In some cases, candidiates have failed to respond to inquiries, and their position is noted as "No known opinion."

Question: Do you favor privatizing Social Security to any degree?
Dean BarkleyDean Barkley ANSWER OPTION: No

Norm ColemanNorm Coleman ANSWER OPTION: Yes
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: Individuals ought to be allowed to invest in IRA's, but Social Security should not be completely privatized.

Al FrankenAl Franken ANSWER OPTION: No
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: In a written statement to MPR Franken said, "my wife's family survived because of Social Security survivor benefits, and I will go to the mat to protect Social Security from privatization. I think the Bush administration and its apologists have exaggerated concerns about solvency. But those concerns do exist, and I think we should look at raising the cap on income subject to FICA."