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Candidate Positions on G.I. Bill Expansion

Read the full responses from candidates below. “Answer option” is the choice given in the quiz, and “Candidate’s position” shows the candidate’s response to MPR News.

Question: Do you support a $50 billion expansion of the G.I. Bill to pay college tuition at a public university and other expenses for soldiers who have served 3 years since Sept. 11, 2001?
Bob BarrBob Barr ANSWER OPTION: Candidate declined to provide an opinion

John McCainJohn McCain ANSWER OPTION: Oppose
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: McCain does not support the bill because he says it will discourage retention during a time of war, though the congressional budget office found new enlistments would cancel out the 16 percent drop in reenlistments. He has sponsored his own $38 billion expansion that would allow benefits to be transferred to family members, encouraging more service members to make the military a career. (More Info)

Ralph NaderRalph Nader ANSWER OPTION: Candidate declined to provide an opinion

Barack ObamaBarack Obama ANSWER OPTION: Support
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: Obama voted for the bill and said "Senator Webb and the leaders of both parties have introduced a 21st century GI bill that would give this generation of returning heroes the same chance at an affordable college education that we gave the greatest generation." (More Info)