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Candidate Positions on Health care

The following positions reflect those used for each candidate in the Select A Candidate survey. They come from the candidates; public statements, Web sites, and responses to Minnesota Public Radio questionnaires. In some cases, candidiates have failed to respond to inquiries, and their position is noted as "No known opinion."

Question: Do you generally favor or oppose the concept of universal health care in America? That is, require people to have health insurance and provide a mechanism for meeting the requirement.
Bob BarrBob Barr ANSWER OPTION: Oppose
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: Barr said in a statement on his web site that government-dominated system is responsible for high costs. "What we need to do is begin removing government regulation form the delivery of heath care services to the American people." (More Info)

John McCainJohn McCain ANSWER OPTION: Oppose
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: "I think that we can make health care affordable and available without a mandate," McCain told ABC's "This Week" program in June 2007. McCain's plan, released on October 11, 2007, provides $2,500 refundable tax credits for individuals and a $5,000 tax credit to families, if they have health insurance. Employers would no longer be allowed to deduct health care costs from taxes. He would allow people to have portable insurance that could be purchased across state lines. And he favors reimportation of drugs. (More Info)

Ralph NaderRalph Nader ANSWER OPTION: Favor
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: Nader supports "a single payer system that would save the $350 billion and apply those savings to comprehensively cover everyone without paying more than we already do." (More Info)

Barack ObamaBarack Obama ANSWER OPTION: Favor
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: The time has come for universal, affordable health care in America," Obama said in a speech in Iowa City, at the University of Iowa's medical school in May 2007. (More Info)