Special News Feature

Unchecked irrigation threatens groundwater

A special report, "Beneath the Surface," shines a light on the pressures on Minnesota's groundwater.

3M income rises 7% in first quarter

The company's health care business, which includes inhalers used to dispense medicine, led growth.
Miguel Zenon

Jazz musician Miguel Zenon plays the Puerto Rican songbook

Miguel Zenon's feel for the music has taken him from San Juan to New York City, where today he is among the most celebrated of young jazz lions.
Electronic lottery

Effort to ban online lottery sales moves forward in Minnesota House

Lottery officials say the state has little choice, as commerce moves online. The lottery started selling PowerBall tickets online in 2010 and instant scratch-off games in February.
Eric Otremba

Adjunct faculty at Macalester, Hamline to hold unionization votes

At a rally Thursday, representatives from Macalester and Hamline said adjunct professors are a major part of the campus teaching force, and want a voice at work. Several described working long hours at multiple campuses with no job security, low pay and often no benefits.

Outfitters seek reset of Mille Lacs walleye rules; suit says DNR mismanaged fishery

The lawsuit announced Thursday argues that in managing the fishery, the DNR hasn't considered walleye fishing heritage as required by the state's Constitution.

FDA moves to regulate e-cigarettes

"It's a huge change," FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg told reporters in a briefing Wednesday, before the official announcement of the agency's plans. "We will have the authority as a science-based regulatory agency to take critical actions to promote and protect the health of the public."
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