Special News Feature

Explore the Green Line

Here's what you need to know to walk, bike and drive safely along the new light rail line.

All-Star game

Crack of the bat, ring of the till: MLB, Mpls. see big money from All-Star Game

Hundreds of merchants from all over the country are preparing to sell to thousands of visitors over the five day FanFest, the merchandising arm of the All-Star Game Week.
Dean Tofteland sprays his fields.

State officials promise tougher approach on nitrates contaminating groundwater

Minnesotans are spending millions of dollars to deal with nitrate contamination in their water, and the state agriculture department says it's time to insist that farmers do more to prevent the problem.

Greazy Meal reunion at the Cabooze

Greazy Meal, the popular Sunday night house band at the Cabooze in Minneapolis in the mid-90s, is having a reunion.

Study: Statehouse press corps in decline

There are now just 164 full-time newspaper journalists reporting on the bills, protests and politicians in the nation's 50 state capitals.

MnSCU criticized for lack of contract information

The contract with McKinsey & Co., comes as a surprise to students, faculty and legislators involved.
Lush lawn

Quest to save groundwater aims at love for lush, green lawns

Lawn watering is one of the biggest uses of groundwater in Minnesota, but a combination of technology, pricing and attitude change suggests that residents may be starting to change their behavior.

CDC safety lapses shut 2 labs, stop shipments

One of the closed labs was involved an incident last month that could have accidentally exposed workers in three labs to anthrax.
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