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Scene Through A Lens

Posted at 6:00 AM on June 1, 2010 by Dale Connelly (30 Comments)
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It's a group Guest Blog day today.

tim made a suggestion on Friday that Trial Balloon readers take a picture over the three day weekend to share with everyone. Excellent idea!
Here are the replies.


2_Donna 2 Jackson Cemetary.jpg

This is the war memorial at Sunset Cemetery in Jackson, MN. This cemetery and two others are on either side of hwy 71 on the south edge of town, which is the road I usually take, once I exit I-90, when I visit my parents. As far as cemeteries go, Jackson's are very pleasant to look at.

Barb in Blackhoof:
Barb 1 fungus.jpg

We walked with our local naturalist friend on saturday, and he found a dead tree with this beautiful sulfur fungus called "chicken of the woods".

Such striking colors in the late afternoon sun.


This picture is Saturday morning fieldwork with our home / farm in the background.


2_Joanne 1 tomatos .jpg

I am a sloth - but I did manage to plant 4 heirloom tomatoes and 2 heirloom pepper plants in my wonderful Earth Boxes. Taa Daa!
I am not a gardener, but using the Earth Boxes makes it quick, easy and I get great results with very little effort. Perfect!

2_Anna 2 butterfly_2.jpg


We moved through Saturday and Sunday with a huge collection of morning cloak caterpillars (about 20, now in their cocoons in our bug house), including a very friendly butterfly who came for a visit in our yard.

Thanks to our photo-correspondents.

Even if you didn't take the picture, what image sticks in your mind from the Memorial Day weekend?

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