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Adam Granger & Bingham & Thorne

Posted at 6:00 AM on May 22, 2010 by Dale Connelly (1 Comments)
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Tonight on Radio Heartland on MPR News stations, we'll have more middle aged guitar guys than a Nashville Elk's convention. My three guests are seasoned gentlemen who have made their musical marks and in theory they have nothing left to prove.
And yet they carry on with energy and enthusiasm.


Frequent Prairie Home Companion guest and Powdermilk Biscuit Band founding member Adam Granger will stop by to talk about his latest project - a collection of songs written by his friend and former art teacher, Nashville songwriter John Hadley. Adam is a very clever songwriter who has penned more than a few memorable phrases, so when he said Hadley's work was an inspiration, it made me want to know more. We'll find out what it takes for one songwriter to make a lasting impression on another in the first hour of tonight's show.


In hour two, we'll hear from the kind of duo that could only exist in Minnesota - one is a founder of the Lamont Cranston Band who "retired" from music and the other is a bluesy carpenter who loves to play guitar when he's not building houses. They met in the north woods fifteen years ago and decided to form a partnership which endures to this day. Bob Bingham and Gordon Thorne will show us how it sounds when a couple of guys play for the love of music, and we'll hear (once again) why you should be careful around nail guns.

Adam Granger, Bob Bingham & Gordon Thorne tonight from 9 to 11 pm on Radio Heartland region-wide on Minnesota Public Radio News stations.

This program will be repeated Sunday at noon and Monday at 6pm on and on digital radio at 91.1 HD2 KNOW in the Twin Cities.

Comments (1)

i will look forward to adam and the others. i studied with adam at the homestead pickin parlor years ago and there is no more straightforward presentation on the planet. he is the straight stuff. i enjoyed him as a guest host/visitor on the old morning show.
now we have guests who are passing through town or folks you's like to let us spend some time with. like the peter ostrushko and claudia schmidt quest shots last month. great stuff. keep it up. i think they may get a kick out of being included in the blog topic of the day if/when the opportunity presents itself. whereelse could you get invited into the middle of a bubby rafferty dr heartland discussion about the lead news item of the day that spins into goats in one way or another. life is good here on radio heartland

Posted by tim | May 22, 2010 7:20 AM

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