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The Windmills of His Mind

Posted at 6:00 AM on May 28, 2010 by Dale Connelly (32 Comments)
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We have a new message from Bubby Spamden. They must be done with all their testing at Wendell Wilkie High School. His mind is wandering.

Hey, Mr. C.,


But it's just another Friday.

Well, not just another Friday, because it's the Friday before a three day weekend, which is the coolest kind of Friday to have. It's, like, all potential. Anything could happen. I'm going to spend the whole day daydreaming - looking out the window in Ms. Pakratz's class and thinking of the fun I'm going to have with the extra day off.

Once you begin to actually HAVE the fun and it becomes part of your past you can't go back and change it. That sucks. Like when me and my friend Kyle decided we were going to ride our mountain bikes across the railroad bridge. It sounded like a cool thing to be able to tell people we did, but really doing it was kinda scary and uncomfortable and expensive.

I'm thinking of getting my folks' phone number tattooed on my forehead so the authorities can quit asking me to repeat it.

Anyway, all I'm saying is the fun that's still ahead is always more fun than the fun you just had. That's what I'll be thinking about in school today (why are there still TWO WEEKS to go?) and I know I'm not alone. The teachers are doing it too. Like Mr. Boozenporn. He's always got that faraway look in his eyes. Bet if the FBI seized his computer, they'd find some wild stuff.

Anyway, have an awesome weekend, even if it's only in your mind!

Your friend,

What was your best summer vacation experience, real or imagined?

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