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Carrie Rodriguez & Fire!

Posted at 6:00 AM on May 15, 2010 by Dale Connelly
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Tonight on Radio Heartland on MPR News stations, Carrie Rodriguez stops by to talk about her new recording, "Love & Circumstance". Although she is a songwriter, this disc is a series of covers of songs by other artists, including one by her father, singer / songwriter David Rodriguez, who wrote "When I Heard Gypsy Davy Sing".
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Carrie says that's where the title of the album comes from - a line in the song that asks "What raging love, what circumstance, what urge to be alone"? She adds: "He's talking about what would make a man leave his family and his home to go out to find himself. It's very personal. It's his autobiographical take on this character Gypsy Davy ... Gypsy Davy appears in folk songs. He's the wandering troubador - a ladies man. My dad takes on the persona of gypsy davy ... he's a singer songwriter from Texas and he left the U.S. when I was about fifteen, went on tour in Holland, and he's never been back to the U.S. since." Carrie Rodriguez will sing her father's song and will talk about overcoming her early reluctance to sing in public, preferring to be a fiddler and "sideman".


In hour two - Fire! Another one of the "theme" hours in our Radio Heartland catalog, this time we'll look through the library for signs of lyrical smoldering that could lead to blazes and catastrophic conflagrations that may be real or romantic, or both. Expect to hear songs from Johnny Cash (of course), Louis Armstrong, Death Cab for Cutie and Bill Morrissey, just to name a few.

Carrie Rodriguez and Flaming Songs of Fire, tonight from 9 to 11 on Radio Heartland.
This program will be repeated Sunday at noon and Monday at 6pm online on and in the Twin Cities on 91.1 HD2, KNOW.

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