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Posted at 6:00 AM on March 5, 2010 by Dale Connelly (61 Comments)
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The Oscars will be given away Sunday night.

I say "given away" like the gold statues are totally free, but of course each one carries with it a long list of obligations and expectations that could turn out to be a burden for the recipient. Being an "Academy Award Winner" is not easy. Or so I hear.

Unfortunately, the Trial Balloon movie "Goats From Outer Space" hasn't been nominated in any category.

This is another case where the small film suffers unfairly because it does not have the necessary marketing or political connections to get the attention of the Academy. Being exceptional simply isn't enough to win an award these days. You have to campaign for the laurels, and we are too dignified for that.

Our film is also being discriminated against because it hasn't been written, financed, shot, edited, or distributed.

2_Astronaut Goat.jpg

There is also a certain amount of discomfort surrounding this project because the Hollywood elite recognize it as the brainchild of a group of people who rarely, if ever, actually go out to see movies. That's a handicap? I see it as one of our greatest strengths!

And "Goats From Outer Space" has already been cast. In some cases it has been DOUBLE cast with numerous mega-stars tagged to play specific roles. And while it may be true that the stars in question don't even know that they've been selected and there's absolutely no money to pay them, that's still quite an accomplishment for a film without a script!

And yet the naysayers continue to disparage "GFOS" by ignoring it completely. Well, I for one am tired of so called "critics" focusing on what a film doesn't have instead of what it does have! In this case that the "does have" column would include two important things - no actual artistic or box office failures yet, and unlimited potential!

When you look at it that way, "Goats From Outer Space" may already be the best movie EVER! If only there was an Oscar category for "Best Intentions Surrounding an Unmade Film". We'd be sharing a gold statue on Sunday night!

I'll watch the Academy Awards until the disappointment and rage I've swallowed overwhelms me, or until my usual bedtime at 9:15 pm, whichever comes first. I'll try to project good thoughts and congratulations towards the beautiful, happy people stumbling through their thank-you's, though it is hard to be gracious when you know you've been overlooked!

What is the most promising and rewarding project that you will never, ever actually attempt?

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