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Hardy Monikers

Posted at 6:00 AM on February 18, 2010 by Dale Connelly (40 Comments)

I once knew a guy who swore his given name was Rock Harder.

An unusual name can re-direct your life because people hear it and immediately develop a set of expectations. Right or wrong, folks are disappointed if you don't confirm what your name tells them about you. Do we live in a world where a guy named Rock Harder can listen to cowboy music play a concert harp if he wants to? I don't think so. Not yet.

Unusual names have been popping up in various Trial Balloon comments over the past few days. We've heard about Dr. and Mrs. Turnipseed, Mrs. Door-Knock, and a Minnesota high school set so deep in the Finnish triangle that the teenagers there don't even smirk at surnames like Aho, Ahola and Frikken. And that's rare, because teenagers smirk at everything.

And of course we've all heard some names too funny to be true, especially in the credits for public radio shows like Car Talk (creative director Drew A. Blank, criminal justice expert Lauren Order) and Prairie Home Companion (written by Sara Bellum).

John Train published a couple of books in the late '80's that were nothing more (or less) than lists of "Remarkable Names of Real People". People like Henry Ford Carr of Central City, Kentucky, and T. Fud Pucker Tucker of Bountiful, Utah.
What are the must unusual REAL names you've encountered?

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